Celebrity Relationship Bets 2023 – A Taylor Swift Bet


Posted: May 18, 2023

Updated: May 18, 2023

  • Will Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck break up?
  • How to bet on Taylor Swift’s relationship?
  • Celebrity relationship bets 2023

It’s happening again, summer is on the horizon and the celebrity relationship bets 2023 collection is opening its doors. We can see the angelic singers welcoming us to the gates of these betting markets. And they are singing in the voices of Taylor Swift, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez.

Are they going to propose to their partner? Will they break up? Or are they even going to give the guy a chance? We have collected the best odds and also give you a quick betting guide before the summer madness begins.

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In this article, I am going to talk about the celebrity relationship bets 2023 has to offer. Therefore, I will discuss one of the most trending betting types in the whole world of the internet. Keep in mind that these bets are available at online sportsbook sites in the EU. This means that today we are going to talk about Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez. However, we will discuss the Shakira and Tom Cruise romance too. Finally, we will debate whether Taylor Swift will finally find her soulmate in Matty Healy and stop kidnapping her exes.

Just joking. I hope that Taylor Swift and Healy will propose to each other. The two deserve to settle in peace and open a new era in both their lives and artistic ideas. In conclusion, I am here to give you the best tee, the biggest gossip, and the greatest odds.

Celebrity Relationship Bets 2023

In this article, I am going to discuss three main celebrity couples. However, please take a look at my 2023 celebrity betting predictions. Because it involved Shakira, it seems we were right. Maybe you will find some ideas to look out for. If you are interested in placing a bet then please register at 22BET Sportsbook. Because the odds featured in this article are their courtesy and if you are interested in one of the best selections of odds and betting markets. Then you shouldn’t look further.

Because they have much more than just relationship bets. They have politics, entertainment, sports, eSports, and much more. Nonetheless, this is that time of the year again. Relationships blossom, fall, and rebuild. Because they all want to take advantage of the opportunities summer gives. In one way or another. Let’s check out the most relevant odds on the topic.

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez To Split Up In 2023

Let’s start with one of the most shocking betting markets on the celebrity relationship bets 2023 has to offer. Because Jaylo and Ben Affleck might split up. This is one of the most terrible news for everyone who has been following their relationship ever since the beginning. According to Harper’s Bazaar, you can follow the whole timeline of their strange relationship.

First, they dated, got proposed, broke up, married other people, and reunited. However, don’t be fooled by the racks Jenny got. She doesn’t forget where she came from. After their reunion, she admits that her relationship with Ben Affleck has been a dream so far. Therefore, I think they will remain together. 

  • Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez to split up in 2023 – 2.5
  • Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez to not split up in 2023 – 1.445

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Shakira and Tom Cruise To Date – Celebrity Relationship Bets 2023

Let’s move on to something less cute this time. Because Shakira has broken up with the man she dedicated herself to so much. Which means that her heart is open to new possibilities. To understand her story, check out our 2022 celebrity betting recap. According to Daily Mail, she dodged a bullet by not dating Tom Cruise back then. He was controlling and mistreating his other partners. Plus if you put them together in a picture, they just don’t fit together.

Of course, we have seen Jay-Z and Beyoncé make wonders in their relationship. But could Shakira make wonders for Tom Cruise? I highly doubt that they are going to be a couple. Therefore, I recommend you take advantage of the low, yet extremely safe odds on this one.

  • Shakira and Tom Cruise to be a couple – 5.5
  • Shakira and Tom Cruise to not be a couple – 1.1

Taylor Swift And Matty Healy 2023 Engagement

Continuing with Taylor Swift and Matty Healy. These two were made for each other, and it clearly shows from the way they secretly date each other. However, this story is a little more sensitive than the rest. Because fans demand Swift and Healy break up due to resurfacing comments made by Matty Healy in the past. But I believe that for one, fans shouldn’t care about people they can never meet.

Second, everyone used to be edgy and grotesque. We all change every year, and fans not giving Healy a change is a little weird. According to Forbes, there are many strange controversies about him. People want to paint him like a nazi. However, he does all of this to mock nazi ideologies.

  • Taylor Swift and Matty Healy 2023 engagement – 3
  • Taylor Swift and Matty Healy’s 2023 engagement will not happen – 1.332

What’s Coming For The Celebrity Relationship Bets 2023?

Now that we discussed everything we have available right now. I have a good idea about the upcoming odds. For example, we are going to see a Kanye West relationship soon. I also suspect that we will see something involving Travis Scott, probably a marriage. Alternatively, I believe Trump might face a divorce soon, so the already existing bet will resurface.

Maybe we will live to see the day when we will also be able to bet on Youtuber relationships. For example, Mr. Beast, IDubbz, and Jake Paul. In conclusion, this year will be full of drama. And if you are not interested? Then check out the relationship between political ideologies and gambling.

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Where To Bet On Celebrity Relationships?

Now that we have talked about everything. Let me explain how to bet on the celebrity relationship bets 2023 offers for us. Therefore, your first step should be registering at 22BET Sportsbook. Once you are all set, verified, and ready. Then please go to the heading page. Navigate to the top bar where you can select sports betting. Then use the left bar and scroll down to the “special bets”.

Usually, this is where you can find all of the available celebrity relationship odds. However, you can also use the search bar and type a name. In conclusion, if you expand the options and click on the odds, you will be able to purchase your betting slip.

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