Chamizo is Too Confident Says the Burroughs v Chamizo Odds

Burroughs v Chamizo odds

It’s all over Instagram. Frank Chamizo is self-proclaiming that he is the king. With this much confidence, is it certain that he will beat Jordan Ernest Burroughs in the upcoming battle? Let’s take a look at the Burroughs v Chamizo betting odds below.

The hyped battle between Jordan Ernest Burroughs and Frank Chamizo will be held on the 17th of May 2018 at Beat the Streets Annual Benefit. So, don’t miss the chance to bet on the Burroughs v Chamizo match. According to online gambling news in US, the location where the freestyle wrestling will occur is at Pier 17 of New York, the United States.

This fight certainly did not spring out of nowhere. Back in January, Burroughs first started floating the idea of a super match between the World’s Number 1. Chamizo immediately replied with snarky comments suggesting that Burroughs cannot handle his defence, is playing with fire and has barks louder than bites. Burroughs responded with “You can’t be the king until you beat the king.”

Being the confident wrestler that he is, Chamizo posted on Instagram “I’m already a king. I just want your crown.” So basically, the two’s upcoming fight is unaccounted for with this intense trash talk juggling back and forth.

Trash Talking Aside…

The Burroughs v Chamizo odds reveal that Frank Chamizo is not likely to win despite his big talks. US gambling sites predict 1.50 odds for Jordan Ernest Burroughs to win Beat the Streets, while Frank Chamizo only gets 2.40 odds of winning.

If we take a look at the records, the betting odds are not surprising at all. Burroughs is the proud owner of 5 World Championship gold medals as well as being the 2012 Olympic Gold medallist. As for Chamizo, he has only managed to win 2 gold and 2 bronze medals at the World Championships level along with a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics.

Bet on Burroughs v Chamizo Match!

Chamizo may be a bit overly confident on social media. If you agree with the Burroughs v Chamizo odds, place your bet on Beat the Streets winner at Vbet Sportsbook now. If you think otherwise, you can also bet on Chamizo (2.40) instead of Burroughs (1.50). With Vbet Sportsbook, you could gain up to €100 of sport bonus upon your first deposit!

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