Champions League Triumph Becomes More Rewarding as UEFA Boosts its Prize Pot

UEFA prize money 2015

UEFA increased the prize pot for the 2 most prestigious European tournaments which will lead to even more thrilling clashes.

The Champions League and the Europa League are the 2 most prestigious tournament of the European football. Champions League has greater history and that is where the best teams encounter each other, while Europa League is the competition for the smaller sides of Europe.

Therefore those teams that participate in the Champions League earn much more money than those in the Europa League. That will slightly change due to UEFA’s new regulation, however the Champions League will still remain the most important club contest within the continent.

The current situation has been rewarding for the best participants

Currently those clubs that reach the group stage, are rewarded EUR 8.6 million, according to EU gambling news. Moreover, they also receive an extra EUR 0.5 million for each draw and EUR 1 million for each win during the 6 matches of this phase. This means that a team that wins all the 6 games, receives EUR 14.6 million.

UEFA rewards increased by 50%
BT Sports will broadcast the Champions League
• English clubs expect more income

If a team reaches the Round of 16, so if they end up first or second placed in the group stage, they are also awarded an additional EUR 3.5 million. Qualifying for the quarter-finals and then the semi-finals acknowledges those team’s amazing performances by rewarding them with EUR 3.9 million for reaching the top 8, and EUR 4.9 for the top 4.

The silver medal worth EUR 6.5 million for the loser team of the last encounter, while winning the trophy means a EUR 10.5 extra income in addition to huge marketing growths.According to this prize pot, the maximum amount that a team can win is EUR 37.4 million. That is when they win all the 6 matches in the group stage and reach and win the final.

The pot increase will provide more income to smaller clubs as well as the winners

UEFA has decided to increase these amounts starting from next season. Reaching the group stage will reward Europe’s best 32 clubs with EUR 12 million. Drawing in the group stage will still worth EUR 0.5 million, however, a win will be more valuable as it was increased by 50% up to EUR 1.5 million for each victorious game. So if a team manages to win all the 6 games in their group, they will receive EUR 21 million instead of the previous years, where the maximum was EUR 14.6 million.

Online gambling sites in EU report that reaching the Round of 16 and the quarter-finals in the Champions League have also increased by more than 50%. Clubs are given EUR 5.5 million if they finish in one of the first two places in the group stage and they also receive EUR 6 million if they qualify for the top 8. These are 57% and 54% growths respectively, compared to the previous prizes of EUR 3.5 million and EUR 3.9 million.

Participating in the semi-finals will pay EUR 7 million to the 4 best teams in Europe, which is a 43% growth to the previous EUR 4.9 million. Next season’s runner up will receive the same amount of money as this year’s winner, which is EUR 10.5 million and it means an increase of 62%. The winner will get 43% more next year so winning the trophy gives the team an extra EUR 15 million. This means that the maximum amount a team can win has been increased from EUR 37.4 million to EUR 54.5 million. That is a 46% growth that Europe’s best team will enjoy from the next season.

English clubs can win the most due to new television agreements with UEFA

Meanwhile, according to reports by mobile betting sites, BT Sports’s GBP 897 million deal will go live from next season for three years. They are willing to pay double the price than what Sky paid previously, which means English clubs will gain more income from television revenues.

During the last season, the four English teams taking part in the clashes of the Champions League have shared a total of EUR 70 million (GBP 52 million). Manchester United received the most out of this amount by getting EUR 24 million (GBP 17.8 million).

However, this amount can increase by 50-75% from the next season.The four English clubs participating in Europe’s most prestigious tournament will be able to share between EUR 105 million (GBP 78 million) and EUR 125 million (GBP 93 million). The biggest earner will receive at least EUR 40 million (GBP 30 million) but this number can be even bigger if only 3 English teams qualify for the Champions League.

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