Chaos Creates Brilliant Bets On British Politics

bets on british politics

For once the pollsters got it right. Having failed to see Trump or Brexit coming and barely called the Scots Referendum on Independence correctly, the exit polls after the UK general election last week were right on the money, but with a hung parliament and Brexit looming this period of instability in parliament does give rise to some awfully interesting bets on British politics.

Next UK General Election

  • 2017 – 2/1
  • 2018 – 9/4
  • 2022+ – 4/1
  • 2019 – 5/1

When she called the snap general election in April Theresa May and her Conservative party were 20+ points ahead in the polls, had a workable 17 seat majority in parliament and looked set to completely devastate Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party to the point where they might simply cease to exist. It should have been walk over. It wasn’t. The result a Hung Parliament with the DUP propping up the tories and leaving everyone who bets on British politics eying the prospect of another general election.

Having lost one of the easiest bets on British politics ever, the analysts say Mrs May had run a poor campaign of negative adverts, robotic answers and a lack of engagement that even the mostly right-wing press in the UK couldn’t spin into looking good, and Jeremy Corbyn’s message of hippy hope had turned out the young voters despite the tabloid hate and now the people in the UK gambling news will roll around of another general election this year aren’t as crazy as they’d have sounded a week ago.

Will The UK Face Another General Election?

A two seat majority that involves relying on the DUP isn’t strong and it isn’t stable, which is why Bet365 will give you a worrying 2/1 for bets on British politics seeing another general election in 2017 and an equally disturbing 9/4 on there being one in 2018. Typically the robust British democracy would weather all this with its usual stiff upper lip, but Theresa May had always said this was about a mandate for her Brexit policies, the negotiations for which should start on Monday, and she didn’t get it.

The EU has a vested interest in making Brexit as painful as possible, but not even they were expecting Britain to flagellate itself quite so publicly at the polls, the UK negotiating position now neither one thing nor the other and left in the hands of a Prime Minister with the life expectancy of a gerbil in a blast furnace. Anyone who likes to bet on sports in the UK will probably regard bets on British politics a tad dour, but the Bet365 book on who’ll be the next leader of the Conservative party is anything but.

Bets On British Politics Simple At Bet365

Next Conservative Leader

  • Boris Johnson – 6/4
  • David Davis – 4/1
  • Ruth Davidson – 5/1
  • Amber Rudd – 6/1
  • Phillip Hammond – 14/1
  • Damian Green – 20/1

Theresa May was the compromise candidate and with her failure the big egos inside the Tory party are all chomping at the bit to get a grip on the reins, none more so than the current Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, whose hunger for power sees him favorite with odds at Bet365 of 6/4, streets ahead of his rivals. That said, when David Cameron resigned his election was one of the better bets on British politics, and yet they still ended up with the Maybot as boss. This is an error they’ll not wish repeated.

David Davis gets 4/1 with Ruth Davidson just behind him at 5/1. Amber Rudd is a superb 6/1 shot after her debate performance, and after that Phillip Hammond is at 14/1 because of his tendency to annoy people and Damian Green is a hopeful 20/1 although perhaps one of the most interesting bets on British politics, perfectly legal under UK gambling laws, is Sajd Javid at 25/1 who could well be the compromise this time round. The only real question left now is which will happen first? Theresa May getting ousted or another general election?

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