7 Ways To Tell Your Local Casino Is A Fire Death Trap

casino fire trap

Legal casinos are often subject to very stringent fire safety regulations but alas in some nations that still suffer under silly restrictive gambling laws your local casino might not be awfully legal and could thus be beyond sensible health-&-safety oversight. That’s why we’re going to list a few of the ways you can tell your local casino is not just a pleasure palace of risk and reward but also a fiery death trap just waiting to kill you.

1. Permitted Smoking

Whilst most casinos have very sensibly banned this foul habit from their premises creating a far nicer environment for everyone, however should you be gambling in a casino that lies outside the law in any way you could find yourself wagering next to someone with a 100-a-day habit within an enclosed location run by management and staff who haven’t been overly concerned with the possible ignition of the establishment and everyone inside it. The smokey atmosphere might be romantic, but it’s a killer.

2. Single Exit

UK gambling laws prevent this however it is unfortunate that if illegal the management of your local casino might well have established but a single point of entry or exit for security reasons. It’s easier to guard just one access point if someone wishes to abscond with the cash that inevitably inhabits such places. In the event of fire this single exit is likely to become the focus of every patron and staff member and the ensuing frantic rush likely to lead to the sort of stampede that gets people on the news as tragic statistics.

3. No Sprinklers

This is a bit of a dead giveaway. Typically legal casinos are replete with fire fighting equipment from hoses to extinguishers and these days will have an establishment wide sprinkler system that should, in case of fire, damp down the flames. However if your local casino is of the less legal variety the chances are these basic pieces of equipment might be lacking and if you notice their absence you could possibly feel it a lot safer to eschew the risk of instant incineration and go gamble at home online at Bet365 instead.

4. Exposed Gas Piping

Anyone in the UK gambling news reports about the inadvisability of mixing naked flames with bare pipes carrying flammable gas are exaggerated might well need to go for a little lie down. With many illegal casinos located in basements or cellars the frequency with which these utility systems are present can be alarming and coupled with poor electrical wiring can lead to disaster in a heart beat. Should your local casino display any of these traits do consider gambling alternatives. Quickly.

5. No Alarms In Your Local Casino

Should your computer overheat whilst browsing the options at Bet365 the machine will emit a rather piercing alarm to warn you of the fact just before it expires. Sadly if your local casino is operating beyond the law the chances are the only warning you’ll get of a fire is when your fellow patrons trample you to death attempting to reach the exit. Most alarm systems are visible and obvious on the building exterior and should your chosen gambling location lack one you should probably think again.

6. Poor Ventilation

Illegal casinos come in all shapes and sizes and whilst those in former aircraft hangars and ex-cinemas are airy and spacious affairs with enough room to allow smoke to rise above the fleeing customers during a fire, should your local casino be in a basement there’s a good chance that the smoke will kill you long before the flames do and if you really want to bet on sports in the UK it’ll probably be wiser to take to the information superhighway and hit up the fabulous range of opportunities at Bet365.

7. Flammable Materials

Most modern legal casinos are decked out, however gaudily, with fire retardant materials that should prevent any ignition in the first place and slow the progress of the fire if one occurs. Your local casino might not have been so discerning in its choice of décor and indeed if it is an illegal establishment the chances are any old rubbish has been assembled for use as furnishing and fittings, meaning that at best you’re surrounded by kindling. Oh and do check the cladding on the exterior before going in, eh?

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