Check Out the 5 Funny Online Casino Facts


Posted: February 18, 2023

Updated: February 18, 2023

  • Playing at online casinos is fun and easy
  • In this article, we'll tell you 5 funny online casino facts that you likely haven't heard of before

5 funny online casino facts? Yeah, you have read it right! Now we are about to present another article dedicated to the interesting aspects of online casino sites in the US. So, in case you are interested then get ready and dig in! 

Casinos are one of the most interesting places. Let them be land-based ones or online. As gamblers, it’s important to know the top secrets of them all the facts to choose just the best one. Well, right now we have brought you something fresh to get you out of the grinding and just spend some time enjoying some fun facts.  Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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5 Funny Online Casino Facts – Are These Types of Casinos A New Thing?

When it comes to any online platform we like to think that they are new and haven’t been around for a long time. Well here comes our first one of the 5 funny online casino facts. Contrary to the belief that gambling online is something new, it’s not. Gambling online has been a thing for like 30 years already. Can you believe it? Well, it’s right. So sites like King Billy Casino have been available to gamblers for a long time ago. 

Well, of course, those ones weren’t as modern as today we know them. What’s more, in 2023 they are more popular than ever. So if you don’t play online it. might just be your call to do so. Playing on a website or via using a mobile app can be much more fun and don’t forget the fact that there are many more games online. 

Playing Free Games? You can Only Do that Online!

Moving on with our list o the 5 funny online casino facts here comes another one. Did you know that playing online you can actually play for free? Yeah, that is true.

5 Funny Online Casino Facts
Picture Source: Flickr

That is something you can only have access to while playing on the internet. Visiting any of the online casino sites in the US, you’ll see that they have a lot to offer. Not just the huge variety of games but also the promotions and the free games. 

Usually, these free games are slots, or they are a kind of promotion where you can play this or that one or two times for free. What’s more, there are a lot of online spaces where you can try out games without risking money. It’s good for you when you just want to practice. For newbies it’s a lot easier, for example, to try texas hold’em without having to lose any money. So all in all it’s also just a great thing to play online. 

Licensed or Unlicensed? Which is Better and Why?

In our 5 funny casino facts, there is one that might be very interesting for you. It’s about a casino license. If you gamble you must have heard this term before. To put it simply: there are licensed and unlicensed casinos out there. Of course, as you might think a licensed casino is a better choice for you.

5 Funny Online Casino Facts
Picture Source: PxFuel

Why? The most important thing is that while licensed casinos have to follow strict rules unlicensed ones don’t. So it might sound fun to play at an unlicensed casino but please try to avoid it. If you want to play a fair game with the international casino rules then always choose a licensed casino if you have a choice. 

You Can Tip the Dealers Even if You Play Online

Here comes a fact you might have never heard about. We all know about the importance of dealers. In fact, there is an unwritten rule on how and when to tip dealers. Even though what can you do when you play online? Naturally, you would think there is no possibility to tip a dealer online. Well, that is not true, you can tip the dealers even when you play online. And you not only can but you basically should do it. If you play at a virtual table keep in mind that you have the option to tip the dealer. 

5 Funny Online Casino Facts: Counting Cards?

And finally here comes the last of our 5 funny online casino facts. Are you ready? It’s mainly about counting cards. When playing online, you won’t have to worry about card counters if you’re always concerned about them when playing at a casino. Whether you compete against a machine in a game like a blackjack, it is just impossible to count cards. When playing live dealer games, don’t even consider doing this because card counting is useless due to Continuous Shuffle Machines (CSM), which are found in most live casinos. So keep in mind that as it can be useful. 

All in all, these were our 5 funny online casino facts. Keep tuned for more content and don’t forget to visit King Billy Casino for the best games available. 

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