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Gambling in Grenada

Apart from the government-run National Lotteries Authority, all gambling is illegal in Grenada. While other islands in the Caribbean Sea are packed with casinos, tourists visiting this country are forced to find other entertainment options.

Politicians have long debated allowing casinos on the island, but supporters of the idea are facing serious opposition from Christian churches and organizations. In March 2013, the state’s governor general brought the offer back to the table and said he was considering legalizing gambling venues, in order to attract more tourists. He added that casinos would only be available for foreign visitors, but the same opponents voiced complaints.

Meanwhile, bingo, lotto, Super 6, Daily Pick 3 and scratch cards are the only games of chance allowed in the country.

Online gambling in Grenada

Despite its strict policies against land-based casinos, Grenada has a well developed internet betting and gambling market. In 1998, the small island joined the ranks of states offering offshore licenses to international investors from the casino and betting industry.

By moving their main office to the island and keeping a minimal cash supply in a local bank account, international companies could easily obtain a license for virtual casinos and online sportsbooks in Grenada. While based in the Caribbean state, these websites usually cater to players from all over the world.

Luckily for local players, the Government did not take measures to block online gambling sites in Grenada. The country’s Internet penetration rate is only 34.7%, but it’s reassuring to know that residents do have an option when it comes to gambling.