Check Out the Best Odds to Bet on The Oscars 2018!

Oscar 2018 Betting Odds

GamingZion thought it would be fun to come up with Oscars 2018 betting preview, so stay with us to find the best odds and sites to bet on the Oscars!

Are you interested in placing a bet on the Oscars 2018? Do you have your ideas which movies will be nominated for the Best Film in 2017? Do you realize which actors and actresses performed at the highest level last year, who will win the Oscars? Would you like to make some money out of your ideas? Then you better check out our recommendations on where to find the best sites to bet on the Oscars 2018!

Will Star Wars: The Last Jedi be nominated for Oscars?

The Oscar Gala rarely promotes overhyped franchise series. They rather go for movies about important social causes and those with a beautiful messages hidden deep inside. Based on this, Star Wars stands no chance in gaining Oscar 2018 nomination. However, this time it might be different…

Spoiler alert: the new movie has it all what an Oscar Gala needs. Afro-American main character? Check. Asian main character? Check. A female as the most important hero? Triple check (Rey, Leia, Holdo). Online sportsbook news sites in the US see potential in Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Oscar nomination, and not just because of the characters…

The story is also Oscar Gala positive if you think about it. Not only it’s one of the most popular AND beautiful movie of the year, but it also has a strong message to transmit: it doesn’t matter who your parents are, it doesn’t matter what happened to you in the past. What matters is what you do now, and who you decide to become. End of Spoilers

Isn’t it the kind of message we all want to see rewarded at prestigious galas, such as the Oscars? Bet on Oscars 2018 winners at Bwin Sports! The odds for The Last Jedi to be nominated are 9.00. The odds for Star Wars: The Last Jedi to win the Best Motion Picture Award are 101.00… It might not the most likely outcome, but it can happen!

Bet on Meryl Streep winning an Oscar…again!

Meryl Streep’s name always comes up among the favourites when it comes to placing a bet on Oscar winners. The online sportsbook directory is very well aware of the actress’ popularity, based on all the odds to bet on Oscars 2018: the odds for Meryl Streep to win again are 9.00.

The Oscar 2018 betting odds for the best actress expect either Frances McDormand or Sally Hawkins to win. Their odds are 2.50 and 3.00 respectively. Popular names like Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Nicole Kidman and Jane Fonda are also on the list, so if you don’t believe in another Meryl Streep Oscar Award, you still have quite a lot of options to bet on the Oscar winners!

…but don’t bet on Kevin Spacey or Matt Damon to win the Oscar…

Will Matt Damon win an Oscar this year? Generally speaking he would have a chance as a result of his increasing fame. And as he is one of the most popular actors in the world currently, he obviously has a chance to win the Oscars, every year. He is in kind of a similar situation to Kevin Spacey.

Kevin Spacey was another one of the greatest favourites to win Oscars 2018 at all online sportsbook sites in the US, according to all Oscar 2018 betting odds. However, he was literally deleted from the movie “All the Money in the World” and replaced by Christopher Plummer as a result of tons of accusations against him.

Hence, Kevin Spacey should not be your pick when trying to bet on the Oscars 2018, the metoo campaign made sure of that. Radical feminists are now hoping for the same thing to happen to Matt Damon, who dared to say horrific words: he thinks that these cases need to be investigated before ending a talented person’s career.

And as we know, the Oscar Gala is always about the most popular and the most politically correct movies and people. As such, we shouldn’t put our money on Matt Damon either. The odds for Matt Damon to win Oscar is 21.00 at Bwin Sports. However, looking at the events of the year, you might want to choose an actor who stood up for women’s rights…that’s our best guess as Oscars 2018 betting preview.

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