Check Out These ‘Who Will Win Sky Bet Championship 2018’ Odds at BetVictor Sportsbook!

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Here are the best odds if you want to make money from answering the question of they year in the UK: Who will win Sky Bet Championship 2018?

Who will win Sky Bet Championship 2018 might seem like an already decided question according to online sportsbook news sites in the UK. However, we mustn’t disregard from the fact that there are still 15 matchdays to be played, so Wolverhampton’s 12 point advantage might not be enough eventually.

Aston Villa, Derby County and Cardiff City are all eager to overcome their number one rival in winning the Championship. And even the second-placed will be quite happy as that also means direct promotion to the Premier League. Which teams will qualify? And more importantly, who will win Sky Bet Championship?

Will Wolves win the championship?

Wolverhampton have collected 71 points in 31 games, which puts them on top of Sky Bet Championship 2018. Leading the table obviously makes them favourites to win Sky Bet Championship at online sportsbook sites in the UK: their outright Championship winner odds are only 1/50 at BetVictor Sportsbook.

Their next opponent will be Preston, who are in the 7th position at the moment. They need the points if they want to fight for one of the playoff spots – the direct promoting second place is too far away from them. Wolves will be favourites to beat Preston – you can bet on Wolverhampton to win for 17/14.

Cardiff City, Derby County, Aston Villa, can any of them win the Championship?

Aston Villa are the best of these three teams, but they are all pretty close to each other. They have 59 points, while the other two have 58 so far. That means a 12 and 13 points disadvantage behind Wolverhampton. However, all the teams are yet to play the Sky Bet Championship table leaders…

If they will be capable of beating the number one candidates to win Sky Bet Championship, the season finish might actually end up being exciting. And if you think it is a possible scenario, now would be the perfect time to place a bet on Sky Bet Championship 2018 winners.

What are the odds for Sky Bet Championship winners?

As mentioned before, you should check out the latest review about BetVictor Sportsbook if you’re in search of the best Sky Bet Championship winner odds. They have some pretty cool offers for the teams that are still in the race. The odds for Aston Willa to win championship are 14/1

Their biggest competitors’ chances are rated at 40/1 both. Can any of them actually finish the season in an outstanding form and come back from a 12 point disadvantage? Do they still stand a chance, or is it already Wolverhampton’s trophy? Who will you bet on? Who will win Sky Bet Championship 2018? Join BetVictor Sportsbook and place your bets!

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