Chinese Mobile Gambling Enjoys Unprecedented Growth

China becomes the most attractive market for mobile and tablet gambling applications according to recent research

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An independent online publication has carried out a thorough research of the global mobile and tablet markets and reports that China has the most mobile phone users on the planet. The number of mobile and tablet app downloads in China is growing at an astronomical rate with analysts saying that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The mobile gambling in Chinareport revealed that while most countries show a 300-500 percent growth in mobile app usage, China had a whopping 870 percent jump. Applications in question include various programs and utilities as well as apps for mobile casinos in China such as mobile baccarat as well as traditional games of chance.

The impressive growth of Chinese app usage is second only to that of USA, which is naturally on the forefront of everything techy and mobile (except mobile gambling). The research company told China gambling news that falling hardware prices as the main reason for the app usage increase.

Both older iOS and Android based devices are depreciating in value quickly thanks to new products being introduced on a regular basis. Additionally Android OS is being introduced on a wider range of smartphone and tablets including super cheap devices.

Chinese online gambling is strictly controlled by the government allowing citizens virtually no chance to gamble at domestic venues, which also contributes to the rise in mobile casino apps usage. Chinese gamers are forced to gamble at foreign based online and mobile casinos due to draconian Chinese gambling laws.

Another reason for steady growth of mobile and tablet app usage is the availability of independent app stores. While giants like Baidu, Tencent and Motorola are the most popular destinations for Android-based applications, thousands of small app stores pop up every day in China creating extensive choices to mobile owners.

Official Chinese Ministry statistics confirm the increase in mobile and tablet usage in the country. Figures reveal a 50 percent rise in registrations at app stores in Q3 2011 alone. Total number of app stores registered members in China now stands at 150 million. Overall, over 1.25 billion mobile devices are owned by Chinese citizens.

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