Christmas Weather 2020 Predictions: Let It Snow!


Posted: December 14, 2020

Updated: December 14, 2020

  • Christmas Day is just around the corner!
  • Check the weather forecast for white Christmas

Christmas weather 2020 predictions are traditionally out at the end of the year. You can bet on a white Christmas to come this December and win lots of cash for holiday presents. Let it snow across the globe!

Every year, online sportsbooks in Canada make predictions about the weather for Christmas and New Year. Celebrating winter holidays in a fairy atmosphere is the majority’s dream – that’s why betting on snow on Christmas Day is so popular. Which countries have the best chances to catch snowflakes on the main holiday day of the year?

Christmas weather 2020 predictions across the globe

According to the latest forecasts, residents of some countries will celebrate Christmas in their snow-covered houses. Check whether your country is on the list and bet on it to benefit from Christmas snow more than ever. If your homeland isn’t predicted to be covered in white this December, you can still have a profit at 1xBET.

The UK can count on medium snow coverage this year

Snowy holidays aren’t for the United Kingdom this year.  According to the latest forecast, only a couple of cities can count on a white Christmas in 2020. In particular, Leeds is the only English city with good odds on snow – 3.00. The other “lucky dogs” are Scottish Glasgow and Edinburgh with 4.00 odds each. Finally, residents of Dublin and London have good chances to witness snowy weather this Christmas as their odds are 5.00.

Christmas weather 2020 predictions
Will it snow?

Canada is the luckiest among all countries in 2020

Canada always has the best weather when it comes to the winter holidays. Christmas weather 2020 predictions are not an exception. According to online gambling sites in Canada, all main cities in the country will be covered in white: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg. Also, Ottawa has 1.25 odds to have a fest atmosphere in the capital.

United States – the situation is unclear in many states

There are still no odds on the weather in the US, so it is difficult to predict whether it will be snowing on Christmas Day or not. If you trust forecasts, you can bet on snow in Minnesota and North Dakota as soon as the odds are out. However, a win-win decision would be wagering on snow in Alaska aka the coldest state in the US.

Snowy holidays are expected in Scandinavian countries

As one of the coldest countries in the world, Sweden is expected to be snowy white on Christmas Day. Its neighbors – Norway and Finland – also have good chances of enjoying a white atmosphere, but Sweden will be especially snowy. The odds of 1.09-1.60 predict precipitation in the following cities of the country: Lulea, Haparanda, Mora, Umea, and Sundsvall. 

Russia has good snowy Christmas weather 2020 predictions

Odds on the weather in Russia are expected to arrive at 1xBET Sportsbook soon. According to weather reporters, residents of the coldest regions in Russia will see snow this December. Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, and Yakutsk are on the list alongside Krasnoyarsk and Chita. The two biggest cities of Russia – Moscow and St. Petersburg – aren’t likely to have a fairy Christmas in 2020.

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