Concerns Grow Over Suggestions about Macau’s Gambling Empire Reaching Peak

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Gambling experts disagree with notions that Macau is set to reach the pinnacle of casino market, as they see room for improvement.

There have been a great deal of casino investment projects in recent times, however some have expressed concern whether saturation point is upon Macau. Some prominent gambling personnel indicated opposing beliefs about Macau’s future gambling prospects.

Edward Tracy, president and CEO of Sands China, expressed his view in which he believes there is plenty of room for demand to be handled, as Macau’s history shows.

“If you look at supply and demand, the history in Macau is that every time the supply was added demand went up.”

The next three years will play a pivotal role for Macau’s gaming development. Macau gambling laws
have always been friendly and open with multinational corporations, by supporting their casino plans.

As a result, there will be eight new resorts opening up by 2017, which will effectively increase the number of hotel rooms by double.

Attracting more visitors is key

Macau gambling news reports that a bridge connection is set to open in 2016, which will connect Hong Kong and Zhuhai with Macau. This will enable more visitors to come play in the “Gambling Mecca.”

In the first quarter of 2014, Macau welcomed 7.69 million visitors, which is a rise of 8.7% from a year before. Tourists from mainland China amounted to 5.17 million, an increase of 17.2 percent.

Tracy also added that Sands China’s business operations have been unaffected, as they concentrate their efforts to appeal to the mass market

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