Confusion Surrounds Online Gambling Arrests in Serbia

Several individuals were arrested earlier this week in Serbia after police raided what they believed to be an illegal online gambling operation.

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Several individuals were arrested earlier this week in Serbia after police raided what they believed to be an illegal online gambling operation. Those arrested included both Serbians and foreign nationals. All were suspected of organizing and facilitating unlicensed internet gambling.

Serbian gambling laws
require internet gambling operators to be licensed by the Serbian National Lottery and the Games of Chance Administration of the Ministry of Finance. The suspects, according to news reports, helped to organize internet gambling in Serbia through an online gambling site called GoWild Casino. Police say the group provided gambling services to players throughout Europe and North America, and that money was transferred electronically from offshore accounts into Serbia to fund “illegal activities”.

A statement released by GoWild Casino yesterday reveals that the establishment that was raided was in fact a call center that provides player support for the casino. The statement explains that a “vengeful ex-employee” of the call center, who was recently let go due to substandard performance, provided false information to police about illegal gambling activities. It seems that this unfortunate incident is based upon misinformation and misunderstanding.

GoWild is ensuring its customers that all their online services are continuing as normal. “We would like to apologize for the inconveniences caused to any of our clients or affiliates, and inform clearly that all withdrawals, deposits and game-play remains flawless and will not be affected at any time,” the statement explains.

The statement also says that the team in Serbia is working on resolving the issue with their layers, but there is no word yet if the individuals arrested in the raid have been released. Furthermore, Serbian police have not yet admitted that the arrests were made in error.


GamingZion is retracting this story after conducting a thorough investigation and concluding that the information printed on this page is not factually correct. Go Wild Casino was in no way involved in the call center incident described in the article above, nor was Go Wild Casino even accused of any wrong doing by any legal or civil agency of Serbia.

Serbian Police conducted a brief investigation of a call center based on a complaint from a private citizen and former employee. Call center employees voluntarily provided all necessary information at the police station and were never arrested at any time. The police dismissed the complaint as a false report based on the evidence.

Go Wild Casino servers were not affected by the investigation, and police apologized for any misunderstandings. GamingZion would also like to apologize to Go Wild Casino and our loyal readers. Please feel assured that all responsible parties have been severely reprimanded and we shall strive even harder to continue providing the latest gaming news from around the world.

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