Conor McGregor’s Next Opponent Prediction Include Crazy Fights

  • Will Conor McGregor make a comeback?
  • Dustin has moved on in search of the title
  • Charles Oliveira will fight Conor under one condition
  • Tony Ferguson might be on a collision course with the Irishman
  • Will we finally see the trilogy with Nate?
Conor McGregor's Next Opponent Prediction

After his latest loss to Dustin Poirier, speculations over Conor McGregor’s next opponent prediction have been circulating the internet. The Irishman has confirmed that he will certainly come back, but there is uncertainty over his next opponent. Although Conor expressed that he would like to have a 4th fight with Dustin, such a matchup is not guaranteed with the current situation. Therefore, several good options are on the table and will be considered. What is your prediction as to who will be Conor’s next opponent?

Is Conor Done With the Sport of Mixed Martial Arts?

Conor McGregor is one of the most popular athletes in the world. The Irishman became a worldwide star in his prime years from 2013 to 2016. In the first half of his career with the UFC, Conor became the first double champion in the history of the organization. He was finishing anyone across from him in the octagon with spectacular fashion. In fact, he was called “Mystic Mac” since he accurately predicted in which round, he would finish his opponent. All in all, Conor ascended the sport of mixed martial arts to new levels. Becoming such as superstar, “The Notorious” secured himself an unprecedented crossover match with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. This was the biggest payday Conor would ever get in his career, and it may have started his downfall in the sport of MMA.

After his boxing match with Mayweather, Conor quadrupled his net worth. As a result, there were doubts about him making a return to the UFC octagon. Some claimed that he lost motivation after making that much money. However, Conor made his comeback in 2018 against former lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. Since then, “The Notorious” lost three of his last four fights. He is currently on a 2-fight losing streak, both of which came against Dustin Poirier. In his last loss against Poirier, Conor broke his leg after walking into the octagon with an injury. As a result, many in the MMA community are predicting that he is done with the sport. However, the Irishman came out and stated that he will certainly make a comeback after his leg heal. As a result, bookies published Conor McGregor’s next opponent predictions and odds. Who do you think will fight him next?

Mixed Martial Arts Betting: Will it be the 4th Fight With Poirier?

Looking at the options Conor  has for the comeback fight; it seems that he has locked his eyes on Poirier. After his second loss to “The Diamond”, Conor was shouting that he lost because of a doctor stoppage. He expressed that it was a void win, and a 4th fight between the two should happen. Looking at similar circumstances in the past, Conor usually gets when he asks for.

However, this situation is different since Poirier is set up for a title fight against Oliveira. Therefore, he might decline the money fight against the Irishman in search of legacy and UFC gold. Regardless of this, bookies and online sportsbook sites in the United States placed Poirier as the favorite in their Conor McGregor’s next opponent prediction. At 22BET Sportsbook, the betting odds for the two to schedule a 4th fight next are 2.75.

Conor McGregor’s Next Opponent Prediction – Charles Oliveira

Another potential opponent that the Irishman could be facing next is Charles Oliveira. The Brazillian is currently the lightweight champion, and would certainly welcome a money fight with McGregor. However, a big obstacle standing in the way of this matchup is Conor’s latest loss to Poirer. The Irishman does not deserve a title shot regardless of how you look at it. Also, Poirer is more deserving of it, and the UFC is working on giving him the title bout next. Therefore, the only way Conor fights Olivera next is if the Brazilian losses the belt. By the time McGregor heals from the injury, Olivera would have defended the title for sure. Therefore, he will most likely fight Conor next under the condition of losing the belt. As a result, 22BET Sportsbook placed Olivera as one of the favorites in its Conor McGregor’s next opponent prediction with odds equal to 4.00.

The Fight That Should Have Happened

One of the most intriguing fights in the lightweight division would be Conor vs Tony Ferguson. The two have previously talked about fighting one another on several occasions. In fact, Ferguson has called out Conor on a couple of occasions during the post-fight interview. This is a fight that fans have been excited to see for a long time. Although it might seem a little too late at the moment, a matchup between the two makes perfect sense.

Both fighters are coming off losses in their most recent fights and are looking to bounce back with a win. With the storyline behind this fight, online sportsbook sites in the United States believe that the fight with Ferguson is likely to happen. In Conor McGregor’s next opponent prediction at 22BET Sportsbook, Ferguson open with odds equal to 5.00.

Conor McGregor’s Next Opponent Prediction: The Trilogy Fight with Nate Diaz

Another potential opponent in Conor McGregor’s next opponent prediction is Nate Diaz. Regardless of how you look at this matchup, it makes sense. The two have already fought twice during the prime years of Conor with each having a win over the other. Both Conor and Diaz have previously expressed the trilogy is inevitable and will happen sometime in the figure. The UFC also likes this matchup since the pay-per-view buy will be going through the roof. Additionally, Diaz is nearing retirement age, so the window on a fight with Conor is quickly closing. Therefore, expect all parties to seriously consider this option. As a result, the betting odds for Diaz to be Conor’s next opponent at 22BET Sportsbook are 5.00. Who do you think wins the trilogy if the two step into the octagon?

Other Candidates for Conor McGregor’s Next Opponent Prediction

The UFC lightweight division is one of the most stacked divisions in the organization. Several fighters within this weight class are included in the pound-for-pound list. Therefore, a mega-fight including any of those fighters with Conor would be a good one to make. On top of this list is former lightweight title challenger Justin Gaethje. This fight would be a banger as it is almost guaranteed to not go the full distance. Therefore, it is definitely a matchup that fans want to see. Although the UFC recently matched Gaethje with Chandler, bookies believe he has a good chance at being Conor McGregor’s next opponent. At 22BET Sportsbook, Justin Gaethje opens as one of the favorites with odds of 5.00.

However, if you believe that none of the previous names will be Conor’s next opponent, there are a few other options for you. The following table shows the available betting options at 22BET Sportsbook along with the odds. Tell us your prediction!

Michael Chandler 7.00
Manny Pacquiao 8.00
Daniel Hooker 10.00
Logan Paul 11.00
Khabib Nurmagomedov 17.00
Floyd Mayweather 25.00


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