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Posted: September 11, 2023

Updated: September 11, 2023

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Dana White’s Contender Series is reaching the sportsbooks! Today we are going to show you the Contender Series 2023 odds for the upcoming matches. Watch as fighters turn into legends, or fall back on earth to try again. With guests such as Snoop Dogg featured in this show, boxing can not get more entertaining than this!

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Today we are going to discuss Dana White’s Contender Series 2023 odds. If you don’t know who Dana White is, then probably it is time for you to start getting into the online sportsbook sites in the US. Because this guy is the man who made UFC happen. Therefore, he is the biggest entrepreneur and businessman when it comes to arenas and fights. While people are not always happy with him, in the end?

The Contender Series is probably one of the most amazing events someone can create in this genre. No bullshit, just professional fighters in their weight, legendary commentators, and of course a great show and community. With the best betting markets ever! Let’s take a look at the most amazing odds available right now.

About The Contender Series 2023 odds 

According to the UFC, if you are a fan of boxing then missing this event is probably the worst decision of your life. Because there is nothing more that you can ask for when it comes to boxing. The contender is going to go for 10 weeks. Which means that we have plenty of contents in the box. We could make some more interesting content for those who are not huge boxing fans.

For example, seeing old guns returning, or perhaps celebrities. But at the same time? We already have franchises for that, so why would we keep the same theme everywhere? Instead, the Contender seeks to turn boxers into legends walking among men. If you are interested, all you have to do is to register at Bovada Sportsbook.

Why Is It So Special?

There are countless amounts of Contender Series 2023 odds coming up until the end of the event. But obviously, content and prestige are not enough for success nowadays. We also have to bring flavor. This is why Dana White has decided to bring in Snoop Dogg as a commentator. According to Reddit, he is not going to return. However, the community is happy about it. 

Because everyone respects Snoop in rap and music. However, he isn’t a guy who understands boxing other than watching some of the matches. Therefore, he wasn’t the best commentator. This means that his leaving is not going to be among the 5 biggest upsets in UFC history. We can expect a star guest now that Snoop Dogg has freed up space in the commentator seat.

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Contender Series 2023 odds 

According to Fightmag, there are 63 fight cards showcased in the show. However, not all of them are revealed. Therefore, the odds are always going to be released based on the announced fights. Right now, we have 6 fights that we can bet on.

This includes Llontop vs. Lewis, Matsumoto vs. Tanner, Diniz vs. Neves, Polastri vs. Patricia, and Ngyuen vs. Cunningham. If you are interested in props, you can always request odds and markets by Tweeting at Bovada’s official Twitter, and they will make it happen if it makes sense!

  • James Llontop – (1.541)
  • Malik Lewis – (2.55)
  • Jean Matsumoto – (1.667)
  • Kasey Tanner – (2.25)
  • Jhonata Diniz – (1.833)
  • Eduardo Neves – (2.00)
  • Julia Polastri – (1.25)
  • Alujas Patricia – (4.00)
  • Steven Nguyen – (1.40)
  • AJ Cunningham – (2.90)

Dana White And His Influence

If you are interested in the Contender Series 2023 odds, first you should understand who Dana White is to fully appreciate the event. Generally, he is the Elon Musk of UFC and boxing. He is the reason why we debate why Mark Zuckerberg fights with Elon Musk. And of course, the  Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou is up to him to agree upon contracts. While some fighters threaten to leave the UFC if he doesn’t allow certain appearances.

At the same time? He is still the guy who is running the show. In conclusion, Dana White has been running UFC successfully for a decade now. This means that this show is not going to disappoint anyone in terms of content and entertainment for sure.

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How To Bet On The Contender Series 2023 odds 

Now that we have reached the final section, one of the most important parts is to learn how to place a bet. While this is a trending event, you are going to find it in the recommended categories. However, if you feel like you can not find it, then just take the following steps and you are going to find yourself on the betting page:

  • Register at Bovada.
  • Confirm registration & details.
  • Navigate to the dots to expand categories
  • Expand boxing and click on Dana White’s Contender Series
  • Click on the odds, purchase your betting slip, and wait!

You can also bet on the following boxing events this month; UFC Fight Night, Oktagon, 46, Bellator, and KSW.

Our Predictions

Now that you learned everything there is to know about the Contender Series 2023 odds. Let’s review our predictions on each of the available matchups. Let’s start by saying that I believe Llontop is going to come out as a winner in the first match. The same goes for Matsumoto, I do not expect the guy to lose any time soon.

However, I give the benefit of the doubt and bet on Nevez against Diniz. Alujas Patricia has few chances against Julia Polastri, and the same goes for Cunningham against Nguyen. However, if you are waiting for other fighters, check back in a few days. Because they are always going to post newer and newer betting markets on all of the mentioned boxing franchises.

Click here to stay tuned with Bovada Sportsbook!

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