Copa del Rey Tips: Who to Bet on?

Copa del Rey Draw

The best 16 Spanish football clubs have been drawn today. We will see in January which 8 of these will say farewell and which 8 will qualify. Let’s see some Copa del Rey tips to ben on!

Soon enough we are reaching the second part of the season and it all will go much more exciting. So far, the Copa del Rey was about the big teams facing low-league teams and qualifying easily. Online sportsbooks in Spain were giving low odds to the favourites and incredibly high ones to the underdogs.

However, by now it’s all about to change. As we can see, the field is finally rather balanced and only the strongest sides are still on. Who can qualify to the next round? Who will be knocked out? Which teams have real chances to win the trophy? Let’s see some of our best Copa del Rey tips!

Briefly about the teams…

In the top 16 of Copa del Rey, there are only 2 teams from the lower division: Alcorcon and Córdoba. Ironically, these two will face each other this time so there is sure to be a Liga Adelante member in the top 8 as well. All the rest are from La Liga. This season comes with some shocking surprises for sure. For example, Valencia will play against Celta Vigo, a derby where Valencia should be favourites in any season. However, La Liga’s 17th placed teams are rarely favourites against anybody, even though Celta are not at their best either.

Another easy battle should be the encounter between Eibar and Osasuna. Osasuna used to live better days, but are currently the worst team in La Liga. Eibar, on the other hand, are doing quite well so far this season: they are enjoying their time in the 8th position. The Real Sociedad v Villarreal battle, however, can be much more exciting: They are 4th and 5th in La Liga, both collected 29 points, both are in rather promising form. It’s kind of an unpredictable game.

The biggest teams play the biggest derbies…

Atletico Madrid will face Las Palmas, in a battle where the Rojilancos come as favourites but it’s sure that they won’t have an easy task if they want to eliminate the Canaries. Atletico are underachievers so far. They are expected to clinch at least the third position in La Liga, but they are only 6th at the moment, 5 points away from 3rd placed Sevilla. Simeone will have to improve his team’s form for the season finish.

 On the other hand, online betting news in Spain are extremely excited about the battles between Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona, as well as the Sevilla v Real Madrid encounter. Both games are expected to be very emotional derbies. Despite the fact that the Catalans and the Galacticos will be clear favourites for their respective encounters, we all know that anything can happen in games like these.

Should either Sevilla or Bilbao manage to qualify for the next round upon knocking out their opponent in the Round of 16, they would cause quite a shock at online sportsbooks. Sevilla are especially outstanding this season: they are only 1 point behind Barcelona. Having to play 3 tough games against them in a short time will definitely exhaust the players of Real Madrid.

To sum up, our best Copa del Rey tips include betting against Valencia and Osasuna. They are in a really poor form and their long run of losing points doesn’t seem to end any time soon. On the other hand, as safe bet as it seems, it might not be such a great idea to bet on Real Madrid or Barcelona to qualify because their task will not be as easy as it usually is.

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