Cops Crack Down On Illegal Bookmakers In Singapore

Illegal bookmakers in Singapore

In a nation where walking around your own home naked is deemed a form of pornography, gay sex is prohibited and punishable by a couple of years in prison, and the legal tariff for graffiti is being caned is it really surprising that the cops crack down quite hard on illegal bookmakers in Singapore?

  • Will the illegal bookmakers in Singapore arrested this week face 5 years in jail?
  • Should poker rooms in Singapore be open to locals as well as foreigners?
  • Are penalties for chewing gum and not flushing public toilets too harsh?
  • Can any law enforcement agency of any country stop illegal gambling entirely?

There are, naturally, one or two casino in Singapore, however these are for the tourists (who may enter free) rather than the locals (who have to pay a sizeable daily entrance fee) and so there is a ready market for illegal bookmakers in Singapore to cater for residents unsatisfied with lotto games and arrests are frequent, with 10 people booked this time for providing a way for people to skirt Singaporean gambling laws and bet on the horses, an exceedingly popular sport in the region.

Illegal Bookmakers In Singapore Face Competition Online

Breaking the Common Gaming Houses Act, The Betting Act and the Betting & Sweepstakes Duties Act those arrested are likely to face 5 years in jail, but then illegal bookmakers in Singapore should expect the penalties to be rather high in a nation that fines people who litter to the tune of $1,000 and until 2007 had a law against oral sex. Naturally as time goes on online gambling in Singapore will become more prevalent and illegal street gambling will decrease whether the cops crack down on them or not.

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