Cops Say It’s Crystal Clear Why Lottery Jackpot Winner Lost

  • Cops Bust Lottery Winner In Routine Traffic Stop
  • Become A Lottery Jackpot Winner At Lotto Agent
  • Ticket Will Be Returned But Not His Scooby Snax
Lottery Jackpot Winner

The world is full of coincidence, serendipity, and disaster. You can be up one minute and down the next. What should be a great day can turn into a catastrophe at the drop of a hat. Indeed for one lottery jackpot winner, it went south real fast when he was stopped by the cops. So let’s look at this cautionary tale. It could assist anyone in the US gambling laws on drug possession don’t apply to them. It may also remind us all that the best lottery jackpots at Lotto Agent are the ones you get to enjoy. 

Many of us dream about winning the lottery. We imagine our lives including superyachts and sports cars. Our minds run flame with thoughts of high life. Unfortunately, most people when chasing after high life do not try to become a lottery jackpot winner. They believe there are quicker routes to the same contentment and satisfaction riches provide. However whilst some states are legalizing recreational drugs, there are some that are unlikely to make the list.

One of these is methamphetamine. Users of this ghastly drug are 4.6 more likely to die than you or I. A good reason is illegal. They take that seriously in Georgia, USA. More than a gram you’re getting up to eight years in jail, less than a gram will still get you up to 3 years in the slammer. So, whether you’re a lottery jackpot winner or the winner of progressive jackpot lotteries, possession is a big deal. Something the Georgia police were happy to highlight.

Lottery Jackpot Winner Taunted By Social Police

To the suspect who ran on foot from our deputies on a traffic stop this morning on I-75; You left a winning $100 lottery ticket in your vehicle.” Said the local police department on social media to the amusement of many. “You can claim your ticket at 498 Chattin Dr. in Canton.” A location likely to be the local police station. “It will be here waiting for you.” They told the lottery jackpot winner. “Congratulations by the way.” He did not turn himself in. The cops arrested him nearby.

Lottery Jackpot Winner
Woop Woop

The suspect, possessing various nefarious, is now facing criminal proceedings. The police, for their part, have been magnanimous in response to this turn of events. Saying, on social media; “Yes, he will get his lottery ticket back.” They promised. It is doubtful the lottery jackpot winner will find that much comfort given they also said; “But we are keeping his methamphetamine.” Perhaps proving that illegal drug use is not the best lottery to play, at least not deep in Georgia.

Lotto Agent Allows You To Win in Comfort

Of course, those of us who regularly bet on sports in the US will roll our eyes at this tale. It’s less a story of a lottery jackpot winner and more a piece of police propaganda. These days, if you’re cynical, you’ll think it’s just a miracle they didn’t shoot him. Even the concept of the police with a social media presence is a little Orwellian for some of us. Some have even muttered sourly about their obviously cynical use of whimsy to soften a public image they’ve tarnished so badly. 

Naturally, many will take a more charitable view. Just officers of the law demonstrating a sense of humor in these trying times. Those who frequent Lotto Agent looking for the best lotto jackpot reviews and news may see it in this light. This is, after all, a successful story of law enforcement. They apprehended a criminal who will face justice. This is a bit of contrast, isn’t it? Usually, alas, it is only their mistakes gaining any mainstream publicity whatsoever. 

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We take a look at the news story from Georgia that sees a lucky lottery jackpot winner come a cropper because of a copper.

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