Could a Celebrity be Elected US President in 2020?

  • The Rock to be the President?
  • Mission Impossible: George Clooney to lead the country
Celebrity US president

The next election will not take place for a number of years, but people are beginning to ask, “could a celebrity be elected US president in 2020?”

There’s no doubt that Donald Trump shook up the US political landscape by winning the presidential election last year. The real estate mogul and TV personality utilized a brash, unapologetic campaign to appeal to his voters, a move that was unprecedented in the world of political figures.

His winning has now opened up the floodgates for celebrities stating their intention to run for president in the future. But could a celebrity be elected US president after Trump? It remains to be seen.

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It now seems possible that anyone could earn the position as commander in chief, and one of the best online sportsbooks in the UK is now offering odds on a number of potential celebrity presidents. Let’s take a look at who could soon run the United States.

Celebrity president betting odds

One popular celebrity that could run for president in 2020 is Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. The former WWE star and movie celebrity has announced he may run in the next election, and given his massive fan base, he actually has a real shot at winning. Still, he’s coming in as a significant underdog in the betting odds set by bet365 Sportsbook at 26.00.

Could a celebrity be elected president in 2020? Perhaps if George Clooney ran. The 56-year-old reportedly has a passion for politics and has the experience in the limelight that could make him an option to make UK gambling news by winning. Still, it’s unclear if Clooney will run for president, and his odds are quite low to win at 101.00.

What do you think? Could a celebrity be elected president in 2020? If so, which celeb do you think could earn the nomination? Tell us what you think in the comment section below and make sure to head to bet365 Sportsbook to find a complete list of 2020 US president betting odds.

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