Which Country Has Better World Floorball Championship 2018 Odds?

Posted: July 11, 2018

Updated: July 11, 2018

Finland and Sweden have always been exchanging floorball’s number one spot on the international platform. Are you curious who the World Floorball Championship 2018 odds favour?

2018 World Floorball Championship will be held in Czech Republic for the third time in the past 30 years. Ever since, floorball has become the second most popular sports in the country. According to online gambling news in Czech Republic, the final competition date is from the 1st to the 9th of December 2018 in Prague’s Arena Sparta or O2 Arena.

16 teams from 4 continents are meant to show their skills in the final championship. The bookies’ favourites to win the World Floorball Championship 2018 are Finland and Sweden. But then which team is better?

Should We Bet on Finland or Sweden?

The answer to this question depends. Both Finland and Sweden have exceptional floorball teams. Ultimately, the World Floorball Championship 2018 odds for Sweden (1.35) are better than Finland (3).  

Among the top 10 floorball players in the world as of 2018, six of them are in Sweden’s team. Alexander Galante is the prime example of best player with an award to his name and scoring goals like it’s no big deal.


Although internet gambling sites in Czech Republic predict a smaller chance for Finland to win, we would still wager on them because they are the number one team on the current rankings. Finland won the past two WFC events in addition to the Men’s U19 against Sweden!

Dark Horses in WFC 2018

Online betting sites in Czech Republic estimate 3 odds for Finland and Sweden to not become the finalists in the WFC 2018. This betting odds hint at dark horses in the championship. So we came to the conclusion that Switzerland (17) could potentially win.

At the European qualifiers, Switzerland performed extremely well especially with the victory over Hungary by 21-0. One particular Swiss player to keep an eye on in the finals is Manuel Engel. In the game against Hungary, Engel was called man-of-the-match scoring four goals and two assists!

Additionally, the host could also be considered as another dark horse. The World Floorball Championship 2018 odds for Czech Republic are at 26. However, currently ranking 4th, we don’t expect the Czech team to win as much as Switzerland.

Bet on the World Floorball Championship 2018!

In the end, the World Floorball Championship 2018 betting odds favour Sweden (1.35) over Finland (3). However, we have to note that Finland has been performing better than Sweden recently. If you think that Finland and Sweden won’t become the finalists at all, then Switzerland (17) would be a great gamble. So go ahead and bet on the WFC 2018 at 1xBet Sportsbook now!

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