Crazy Euro 2016 Fans, Crazy Euro 2016 Fans Everywhere!

Ireland Fans Celebration Euro 2016

Entertaining and crazy Euro 2016 fans already showed up in France in spite of the fact that the tournament hardly even begun…

Disgusting vandalism and hooliganism, violence, entertaining cheering, passionate and emotional celebrations… Crazy Euro 2016 fans have already shown us everything, but still there is a lot more to go. Let’s see who the best fans at Euro 2016 have been so far!

Violent and drunk English fans at Euro 2016

All online betting news know that the English football fans have always been rather infamous due to their drinking habits together with a devotion to drinking beer… sounds like quite a combo for a football game! The day they arrived, England played a game against Russia. However, the fight has begun much earlier: Russian and English supporters met slightly before the game.

They caused lots of problems, for example completely destroying the city of Lille. UEFA threatened to disqualify both team unless they stop this madness. The English tried to be more civilised in this sense and cut off the violence, however, they did not completely cut off their habits of drinking beer and behave according to their true self: like crazy Euro 2016 fans.

Many English fans at Euro 2016 were arrested in Lille, the police even had to use tear gas on them as there were too many of them. 16 people got to hospital because of the English football hooligans, and another terrific story: some shameless Euro 2016 fans from England threw cash at homeless beggar children to watch them fight. Others were accused of making 7-year-olds drink beer in exchange for coins.

However, let’s be fair. Not all Euro 2016 fans from England are so aggressive as the violent hooligans. Some of them are actually just crazy fans at Euro 2016, who want to support their respective teams.

English fans supporting - EURO 2016

Italy looks like it has better chances to win so, why not? (Photo: twitter)

Such as those English guys, who travelled all the way to France to support their favourite nation. Which is – obviously, what else could it be?! – Italy!

Russian savages and organized hooliganism at Euro 2016

Russian football hooliganism at Euro 2016 has been taken to the next level. As I mentioned before, they took up an uncivilized war against the English fans at Euro 2016. However, that was not a regular fight between stupid but violent football supporters: The English hooligans believe that it was an organized hooliganism at Euro 2016.

In fact, there were many news reported by online gambling sites in France, claiming that Russian football hooligans have been trained to beat up other teams’ supporters. They succeeded in that one. The only thing they fail to comprehend is the fact that all they do is hurt their own team, their own nation.

Just like England, Russia were also threatened by UEFA to be disqualified as soon as another fight happens. This was not after the incidents in the streets of Lille, but after the disgusting event after the final whistle at England v Russia: the beasts broke into the sectors of British football fans and beat them up. More than 30 people had to be taken to hospital.

Crazy Euro 2016 fans from Ireland Lift Hungarian TV reporter

Enough of the violence for now, let’s move to a more entertaining topic: people who are actually just crazy Euro 2016 fans and not violent hooligans like those mentioned before. One of the supporter base belongs to the Republic of Ireland. Without trying to make any connection, we must realize that the Irish do love a good beer and whiskey…

However, alcohol must have a different effect on the Irish than it does to the English or the Russian. Irish football fans at Euro 2016 were filmed collecting the trash after themselves, which is like the nicest thing you could ever do. In addition, another group of Irish fans were at the place where Hungarian national TV was filming about Euro…so they just made his job impossible by running around the reporter, dressing him in Irish flags and throwing him up in the air while live on air!

Passionate Hungarian supporters in and out of the stadium as well

We all must have heard of the Hungarian fairy tale at Euro 2016: tiny country that used to be among the most important football nations but went to decline and ran a series of 44 years without Euro qualification… earning themselves a place in France and being the obvious underdogs for the entire tournament.

Hungarian fans celebrating in Budapest (Photo: guardianwitness, youtube)

Basically nobody expected anything from Hungary, however they did perform well from the opponent’s game and managed to defeat Austria by 2-0. What happened after the goals, it could not have been predicted by online sportsbooks in France! The players and the supporters both went mad and proved they were one of the most passionate and crazy Euro 2016 fans!

Ádám Szalai, scorer of the first goal, celebrated his goal by jumping in the public and hugging them all. The Hungarian players left on the field after the game was over and hailed their supporters for a great victory. It was one of the most moving moments of the Euro 2016 so far which won over hearts of many football fans, because as BBC named Hungary’s goal: “that’s what football is all about.”

And that’s not all as not only fans in the stadium went mad, but people in Hungary were also among the top crazy Euro 2016 fans! Thousands of people went out to the streets of Budapest, capital of Hungary, and celebrated the victory on the main streets together. The public transport had to stop because they closed down the major points and everyone was singing songs about the glorious victory.

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