Cristiano Ronaldo at the ICC in Melbourne

Cristiano Ronaldo Rafa Benitez

The football star from Madrid and the Portuguese representation was spotted on the gambling tables at the Crown Casino in Melbourne

The superstar of world football and Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo arrived yesterday in Melbourne. According to online gambling sites in Australia, the interest of the media and the fans concerning Ronaldo’s stay on the island is immense. However, after signing some shirts of the fans, the best football player of the world for 2014 chose to spend a considerable amount of time on the gaming tables at the Melbourne based Crown Casino.

• Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Melbourne
• The star spotted on the gaming tables at Crown Casino
• Ronaldo is a brand ambassador of PokerStars

Yesterday, the star of the “kings” shared a photo through the social networks with his 23.5 million followers all over the globe, commenting bellow “First poker night with new chips”. The photo shows Ronaldo with a smiling face sliding a stack of chips for poker on a gambling table. As online casino sites in Australia report, Ronaldo had visited the high-roller rooms in the Crown Casino, meeting some of the executives of the resort.

Cristiano Ronaldo a member of Team PokerStars

Cristiano Ronaldo twitter

Ronaldo is considered to be one of the greatest sports names in the world. This was a sufficient reason for the executives of the PokerStars, one of the most renowned companies in the poker industry, to hire him as a brand ambassador. According to Michael Hazel, interim CEO of PokerStars, the collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo is of crucial importance for the future promotions of the poker company. He already disposes with an amazing number of more than 103 million followers and fans all over the globe which will help spreading the name of PokerStars worldwide. Just for illustration, Ronaldo’s profile on Twitter is followed by amazing 35.5 million followers.

Ronaldo is known as one of the athletes that share a deep interest in poker, so according to gambling news, the signing of the contract with PokerStar was a somehow natural move from Ronaldo’s side. After an agreement was made, early this June, Ronaldo said to the media: “I like playing for winning teams, and PokerStars is the perfect partner for me. As a brand, it is always looking at ways to improve and stay ahead of the curve, and as an athlete that is something I truly respect.
He also stated that he started playing poker only a few years ago, but that nowadays is absolutely engaged with the competition, strategy and fun that the game provides. He stressed in the end that although his world is the football, poker was has always been his game.

According to the contract with PokerStars, the superstar will be engaged in promotional activities of the gambling giant which include his appearance of the greatest live poker events as well as on some online poker tournaments. As announced on the company website, he will play in the online poker card rooms at PokerStars under the User ID C.Ronaldo. A thrilling promo event with Ronaldo is planned for the end of the year when one of his fans will have the chance to challenge him on the poker tables.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s presence in Melbourne provokes mass interest

Real Madrid Melbourne

Thousands of people were interested in just seeing the stars of Real Madrid practice

Ronaldo’s arrival in Australia is due to the International Champions Cup, hosted by Australia and China, in which the teams of Real Madrid, Inter, AC Milan, Roma and Manchester City will participate this July. As online sportsbooks in Australia inform, he came to Melbourne separately from the rest of Madrid’s squad and provoked immediately an immense interest in the public. He was photographed by hundreds of surprised faces when spotted yesterday shopping in some of the trendiest stores on Queen Street. After a training session at the City Football Academy training ground in Melbourne, he also had a meeting with his fans, signing the shirts of the most persistent supporters in the crowd.

However, the local hairdresser Angela Sassano, was the luckiest of them all, having the opportunity to even touch the hair of the star. She also took a photo with Ronaldo which she uploaded on Instagram with the caption: “Portuguese football super star [sic] looking fresh after a haircut,”. We all know how picky Ronaldo is when hairdressers are concerned, so the “blissful” look of Angela’s face after this encounter, should not surprise us. According to the program of the International Champions Cup, the fans will have the opportunity to see Ronaldo on the field too, on 18 of July, when real Madrid will face AS Roma.

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