Cristiano Ronaldo Special Bets – He Will Break All The Records


Posted: August 11, 2020

Updated: August 11, 2020

  • Eleven goals separate Ronaldo from breaking the record of most scored goals for the national team
  • Cristiano has scored too many goals across different leagues
  • The Champions League is his favorite competition

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the best player in the history of the sport. He has many records to his name including team and individual titles. As he is nearing the end of his career, CR7 is yet to break more records to solidify his position as the greatest of all time even more. Knowing his personality and sheer will, he will most likely break those records. Therefore, here are some of Cristiano Ronaldo special bets that could win you extra cash.

Cristiano Ronaldo WILL Beat Ali Daei’s Record

Ali Daei is a legend of the Iranian football team. The retired player currently holds the record for most goals scored on the international level. Over a career extending from 1993 to 2006, the attacker managed to score 109 in 149 games with his Iran. This record is yet to be broken, but if you had to bet on a player to do so, then Ronaldo is your best option. The Portuguese international has scored 99 goals in 164 appearances. Therefore, he is just eleven goals away from breaking the record. Online sportsbook sites in Portugal predict that the Ballon D’or winner will most likely break the record. For instance, under the section of Cristiano Ronaldo special bets at 1xBET Sportsbook, betting odds for him to break the record are 1.10. On the other hand, if you think Ronaldo is not up to the task, then your odds are 5.80.

Ronaldo’s Chance To Break The 500-Goal Mark in Europe’s Top 5 Leagues

Ronaldo is notorious for his tricks and antics on the pitch. However, he is most famous for becoming an unstoppable scoring machine on the club and international level. CR7 has proved himself to be the best attacker of all time in numerous ways. For instance, he has dominated the Premier League, La Liga, and he is doing so in Serie A.

Cristiano Ronaldo Special Bets
Christiano Ronaldo – Image via Flickr

Cristiano was once the top scorer in the Premier League and La Liga but lost the race to Immobile this season with Juventus by a slight margin. Therefore, expect him to be back scoring hat-tricks left and right in the next season. As of today, Ronaldo managed to score a total of 467 league goals divided between the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A. So, he is very likely to break the 500-goal mark in league goals in the next season. In the Cristiano Ronaldo special bets at 1xBET Sportsbook, the odds of CR7 to break the 500-goal barrier are 2.00, while the odds of him failing to do so are 1.72.

Cristiano Ronaldo Special Bets – More Goals and Assists

Although CR7 is a scoring machine in the domestic leagues, his favorite competition, by far, is the Champions League. On the team level, Ronaldo has won the title a total of five times. Four of those were with Real Madrid and the other with Manchester United. However, Ronaldo is even more impressive on the individual level. The Portuguese leads the tables of most goals and most assists in the history of the Champions League. He currently has 131 goals and 40 assists registered to his name. Therefore, the 150 goal-mark is something that Ronaldo is certainly looking forward to break. You can bet on whether you think he will reach this mark or not. Online sportsbook sites in Portugal placed odds for Cristiano to score 150 goals in the UEFA Champions League at 2.10, while the odds of him failing to do so are 1.65.

The last and final category you can bet on under the Cristiano Ronaldo special bets at the 1xBET Sportsbook is the number of assists he will record. Although Cristiano is a winger/ attacker, he has one of the best assist records in history. He currently has 251 assists in all competitions. The question is whether he will reach the 300 assists mark or not. Betting odds for him to succeed are 3.20, while the odds of him not doing so are 1.30.

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