Cristiano Ronaldo’s Rape Case(s) and the #metoo Movement in Football

The metoo movement in football seems to be attacking Cristiano Ronaldo first. Who comes next and how far will it go?

metoo movement in football is going too far
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The Cristiano Ronaldo rape case could be the beginning of a whole new thing which is not really such a new thing at all. Will the #metoo movement in football happen in the near future?

Let’s start by the most important things first: the #metoo movement kicked off as the best campaign in recent years. It raised awareness of a serious issue that we face in our everyday lives. That millions of people suffer from. The #metoo movement had the potential to change the world for the better.

Many rapists got caught as a result of the movement but at some point, it just went too far. If you regret sex the other day, that doesn’t mean you were raped, that means you were plain stupid, end of the story. Remember Aziz Ansari’s rape case? Stories like that completely ruined and made the movement lose its credibility. Is the same thing set to happen all over again? Will the metoo movement in football commit the same mistake?

2 women accuse Ronaldo of sexual assault

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Christiano Ronaldo – Photo by Анна Нэсси / CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL via Wikimedia Commons

As it went through all online sportsbook news sites in Switzerland, Cristiano Ronaldo is facing 2 rape cases at the moment. The first one was by LA-resident Kathryn Mayorga, who said Ronaldo committed sexual assault against her will. However, Cristiano says everything they did was completely consensual. Now, who do we believe?

The one we sympathize with, obviously. Outraged feminists would send Cristiano to jail – if not to hell instantly. They forget the fact that there is no evidence at all in the Cristiano Ronaldo rape case. Not a single one. Only the words of Mayorga against the words of Ronaldo. Oh, and another.

The other case happened back in 2005 when Ronaldo was barely even a star. He was on the rise, though. A woman claimed she was raped by Ronaldo in a penthouse in London. The Scotland Yard was investigating the case and found nothing at all. Now the metoo movement in football tried to revive this as a new Ronaldo rape case. Fair move.

Will there be more Cristiano Ronaldo rape cases?

The Weinstein case seemed obvious as dozens of women came out of the shadow and broke the decades of silence. All those women can’t lie the same thing about just one person, it was obvious that there had to be some truth behind it. However, until only 1-2 women claim without any firm evidence whatsoever, it’s only fair to keep the presumption of innocence.

Of course, if the metoo movement in football is doomed to happen, we will be happy to see sexual predators pay for their crimes. However, if the same fate is waiting for the football world that happened to Hollywood and we will take it to the edge and overgo, then it will be just yet another failed attempt to make the world a better place.

Ronaldo rape case to destroy CR7’s Ballon d’Or domination?

As you must be aware, Ballon d’Or is basically decided based on a sympathy-voting. If you’re a popular player with an outstanding season, you have a chance. That’s why nobody apart from Messi and Ronaldo has had a chance since Kaká in 2007: both Ronald and Messi are likable but controversial figures. And they also happen to be incredibly outstanding footballers as well. They’ve been dominating the world of football for over a decade now. Is that set to change finally?

Online sportsbook sites in Switzerland suggest you shouldn’t bet on Ronaldo to win Ballon d’Or again, despite the fact that he was the biggest favourite before the World Cup. The biggest favourite to win the Golden Ball is World Cup MVP Luka Modric. The odds for Modric to win Ballon d’Or are 1.50, while the odds for Ronaldo to win Ballon d’Or are 4.50. You can check out more about the odds at Unibet Sportsbook here. Will you bet on the Player of the Year? Do you think the Ronaldo rape case and the metoo movement in football ruined the Portuguese crack’s chances for good?

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