Czech online sportsbook Fortuna To Expand Into Lottery

Posted: June 27, 2011

Updated: October 4, 2017

Fortuna Entertainment Group is ready to begin distributing lottery terminals all over Czech Republic

Czech Fortuna Entertainment Group entered into agreements with vendors to distribute 1,000 lottery terminals in the Czech Republic. Retailers including HDS Retail, Geco, Citi-Tabak, Valmont and Peal, and close to 100 Fortuna branches will receive the automated lottery machines.

Fortuna Entertainment Group is one of five gambling conglomerates sanctioned under Czech gambling laws and offering both land-based, mobile and online sports betting in the Czech Republic as well as four neighboring EU member states. The addition of lottery to Fortuna offerings is a new direction for the sportsbook. This comes right on the heels of the recent financial implosion of Sazka, the former Czech bankrupt lotto provider.

Managing Director of the Fortuna Lottery project, Martin Illner, told online gambling news in Czech Republic that: “We have built for clients of Fortuna a core distribution network of a very good quality when we managed to secure the best sales points. This was our target and key priority. I am very proud of what our team achieved in such a short time.”

Mr. Illner explained that: “At the moment, we are working on terminals connectivity and testing so that we are ready to launch in the second half of July. We are signing contracts with additional distributors for terminals, which will be delivered by Intralot in the next couple of months. We do not require exclusivity as we are convinced that our games will be successful and competitive.”

For the near future, Intralot will continue providing Fortuna with high end automated lottery terminals. By spring 2012 the company plans to install 3,000 terminals throughout the country as well as expand its recently unveiled scratch card offering.

Both the lottery and scratch card divisions of Fortuna plan to capitalize on their customer centric expertise as one of the leading online sportsbooks in Czech Republic. Fortuna seeks to become a more well rounded company. The Czech government is considering liberalizing the online gambling market and Fortuna has positioned itself in a perfect spot to make the most of the future online gambling in the Czech republic.

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