Daily Fantasy Soccer Strategy – This Is How You Can Win

DFS strategies to make money

Follow this Daily Fantasy Soccer Strategy guide from TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer to pick successful fantasy soccer squads that can help you win money.


The Daily Fantasy Soccer Strategy

  • Avoid banned and injured players
  • Mind the Rotation
  • Watch out for players on hot streaks

Playing DFS soccer is not only fun but it’s also an excellent way to win cash through following soccer. It can convert your soccer manager skills to money adequately. However, it’s not always that easy as other players at online daily fantasy sports sites in the US and worldwide can also get better with time. But here is a solution for that.


TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer, one of the best DFS operators put together a detailed daily fantasy soccer strategy that can help you to win DFS soccer contests. Follow this series to absorb more and more DFS soccer tips, golden rules and strategy guides to become the best DFS soccer player around!


Daily Fantasy Soccer Strategy I: Avoid Suspended & Injured Players

To pick a forceful DFS soccer side, you must avoid all banned and injured players! Don’t forget that your DFS team will only play one series of games, so everyone who doesn’t play this time is useless. A young defender who will expectedly play 5 to 10 minutes has more value than a world class striker that is suspended with yellow cards.

DFS soccer injuries

It’s important to keep track of injuries when playing DFS (photo:

Go through team news, expected lineups – they are all featured in your team creator panel at TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer! Also check the bans and injury reports before entering your team to a contests at any of the sites offering internet daily fantasy sports for cash in Germany and worldwide.


Daily Fantasy Soccer Strategy II: Mind the Rotation!

If possible, you should also look for rotation patterns and further fixtures beyond the current game! If a player usually starts their team’s away games and there is an upcoming home game against a lesser side with an important cup game coming a few days after, they might be sitting out this one to get a rest before the subsequent but more important game.


This is where your real soccer knowledge comes in and where you can have an edge on your rivals. It can also be a lot of work to go through all these details. But you can always choose a competition that you know well and follow and there you will already have most of this information. Plus at TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer, you have the Home/Away Last 5 stats on your side and that can be a great help in that regard.


Daily Fantasy Soccer Strategy III: Pick the Player on a Hot Streak!

Don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon or embrace the hype if that’s all backed by numbers.Always pick the hit men who are on hot streaks and the in-form creators! A striker who was silent in the first months of the season, but has scored regularly in recent games is usually a good choice over an out of form superstar.

Soccer celebrations

Streaking players are often times the best ones for daily fantasy sports (photo:

In the next part of the series we will continue to discuss the daily fantasy soccer strategy that can help you to win money at operators like TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer. In the meantime, go to the TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer review in GamingZion’s online daily fantasy sports section and learn more about arguably the best DFS soccer game around!

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