Dane Nielsen Gambles By Taking On Comanche Tahdooahnippah

Patrick Nielsen

The big Dane Patrick Nielsen is moving up to Super Middleweight and his debut couldn’t be a bigger fight at 168lbs

In the 1970s a British television series called “All Creatures Great And Small” followed the adventures of a young new veterinarian in an old established practice in the rural tranquility of England between the wars. An adaptation of the books by James Alfred “Alf” Wight it was hugely popular as the clashes of culture intermingled with the soap opera of relationships between the characters. However it will be for one particular scene that I personally shall forever remember the programme.

Nordic Fight Night
• WBA International belt fight
Nielsen vs Tahdooahnippah
Copenhagen March 14th

Visiting a farm one day in company of the older experience senior partner at the practice he finds a cow in need of his assistance, regrettably the medical need of the animal requiring the young vet to place his hand within the back end of the cow in question. It was a moment of amusement for the audience when he asked the farmer and senior vet how far he should reach into the animal, only to get the reply that if one is sticking one’s hand up a cow’s arse, one may as well stick it in all the way up to the shoulder.

This exaltation against half-measures quickly became a small cliché of reply to those hopefully asking if not quite as much as necessary was going to be sufficient, and indeed became advice handed out liberally to those facing a task that was unpalatable or likely to cause discomfort of either one’s pride or physicality. Often this seemed to be taken with stoicism, the thus advised perhaps gambling news that it couldn’t be done otherwise than entirely absolve them from social stigma in the aftermath.

Whilst this is broadly true much of the time there are some moments where someone’s desire to go in at the deep end leaves you quite impressed and not a little in awe of the risk they’re taking by doing so. At present no one epitomizes this more than the hulking Danish figure of Patrick Nielsen whose much touted rise to the Super Middleweight bracket of Boxing has taken on something more than simple a debut in a new belt division.

WBA International Belt Bout

The Nordic Fight Night, as it is being heralded by the promoters, will take place on the 14th of this month in the Ballerup Super Arena in Copenhagen and is already attracting huge interest not just from the betting crowd on sites like Come On! Sportsbook, but also amongst the wider boxing world as Patrick Nielsen takes his 23-1 record (with 11 of those being knock outs) up the 168lbs and instantly risks it on one of the biggest fights of his career.

WBA International belt fight

The Danish south paw will be facing off against George Tahdooahnippah the native American from Oklahoma who has had 31 wins from 33 fights, twenty three of those being knock-out victories. However whilst the stats say that Tahdooahnippah has knocked out as many people as Nielsen has beaten, the informed opinion is that this could be a very close fight indeed and that Nielsen has rested a lot of his reputation on his first fight at this new weight.

Doubtless those who like to bet on sports in Denmark will be wagering on the big man from Albertslund, as the promoter Nisse Sauerland said; “This is a real signal of intent. Patrick has not moved up to 168lbs to make up the numbers. He is here to challenge for and win world titles.” Which is precisely what he’s doing fighting Tahdooahnippah on the 14th since the WBA International title is on the line. “If he can beat Tahdooahnippah and claim the WBA International belt it will improve his rankings and move him into world title contention.” Said Nisse.

“This is a great opportunity for me and one I will grab with both hands.” Said Nielsen, “This belt is Mine! There’s no way I’m leaving Ballerup without it.” I want to fight the biggest names in the division and challenge for world titles. Winning the WBA International title if the first step I must take to achieve this.” Which in of itself belies the long game he and his team are pursuing. Nordic Fight Night might be the big event this Spring, but for Nielsen it’s only a springboard.

Comanche Visits The Vikings

Not that Tahdooahnippah feels in anyway cowed by fighting Nielsen on his home turf being equally assured in of himself that he’ll come out victorious. “Nielsen will be shocked when he feels my power.” The American stated flatly, “He’s going down in his own backyard.” Adding that “Going to Denmark to fight is me living a dream for the Comanche Indian. I’m going to show that the Comanche warrior is very much alive in 2015!” Which may or may not prove to be true.

WBA International belt fight

Tahdooahnippah is no joke.” Nielsen allowed, “I’ve seen his fights and I know it’s going to be a tough night. I always cheered for the Native Americans when I watch the old cowboy movies, everyone loves an underdog, but if the ‘Comanche Boy’ thinks he can come to my hometown and beat me, he is mistaken. This is my chance to send a message to the entire Super Middleweight division.” And just what was that message? “I’ve arrived and I’m ready to face the best!” Said Nielsen.

Nielsen’s coach is perhaps a little more cautious admitting; “This is a high-risk fight for Patrick. He’s going in against a top ten ranked guy in his first fight at Super Middleweight. Tahdooahnippah is a solid, hungry fighter. He is fighting for his people and his nation. He is bringing a lot with him and that’s what we’ve got to break.” Which will be no mean feat, even if Patrick will be stepping into the ring with a lot of home-crowd advantage to his back.

Nisse Sauerland, the promoter, said; “We want to move Patrick into a position to challenge for world titles. To do that he has to face world ranked opponents.” He then dropped into cliché by saying the almost traditional; “There are no easy fights at this level.” Before stating the extremely obvious by concluding; “Patrick is jumping in at the deep end and he can’t afford to make any mistakes.” It remains to be seen if those taking advantage of Danish gambling laws to back him will be making one anyway.

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