Dangerous Odds – A Movie Being Made About Illegal Gambling

Dangerous Odds Margot Robbie

Dangerous Odds is inspired from a true story with an explosive mix of crime, moguls and gambling.

Does the name Ron ‘The Cigar’ Sacco ring a bell ? It should, his name made headlines in many US gambling news in the eighties and nineties. The story of his exciting but illegal business will soon hit the big screen, thanks to a memoir from one of his key managers in the billion dollar enterprise.

The author of the ‘Dangerous Odd’ book is none other than the famous award winning author, Marisa J. Lankester, who is now fifty-one years old. In ‘Dangerous Odds’ she dared to reveal to the world, the dark side of sportsbetting in the USA and the Domincan Republic, in which she herself was embroiled in, earlier in her career.

Margot Robbi, ex-model and movie star, who starred in the hit movie called ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, has just signed an agreement with Warner Bros to star in the movie on the world of illegal sportsbetting in the ‘eighties and ‘nineties’, according to entertainment media reports.

Lankester got embroiled in the illegal activities of Sarco’s gambling business for 8 years

For, Sports betting in the USA at the time was illegal under US gambling laws, and was quite another world. And it was exactly this world that Marisa J. Lankester describes in her memoir. The activities of Ron ‘The Cigar’ Sacco caused him to fall foul of the Justice Department enforcement.

Lankester was first introduced to Sacco’s company when she met up with one of the employees of the sports betting operator. The meeting took place at a CanAMex marathon car rally across America and Alaska in 1986. Soon, Lankester became a key manager in the billion-dollar enterprise.

She stayed within the company for 8 years despite raids and other enforcement activities. Lankester, now a Swiss resident will see her book come alive in the cinema, thanks to Warner brothers and World Trade Center writer Andrea Berloff.

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