Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2019 Betting Odds and Predictions

  • ‘Love is Forever’ by Leonora is the bookies’ favorite
  • Julie & Nina's ‘League of Light’ has arguably the catchiest tunes
  • Jasmin Gabay and Teit Samsø are not expected to succeed with their songs
Last year's winner, Rasmussen

Leonora’s song, Love is Forever is the most likely to win the Danish Melodi Grand Prix. However, Julie & Nina’s single, called League of Light is just as catchy and powerful. It’s hard to bet on a contest like this, because there are no previous battles to rely on. However, we’ve done our research and made our Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2019 betting predictions for you.

Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2019 Betting Odds at Bet365 Sportsbook

Leonora 1.95
Julie & Nina 2.80
Simone Emilie 8.50
Rasmus Faartoft 12.00
Humør Ekspressen 16.00
Marie Isabell 26.00
Leeloo 26.00
Jasmin Gabay 26.00
Teit Samsø 36.00
Sigmund 36.00

According to our latest review about Bet365 Sportsbook, their novelty bets are pretty popular. That’s why we’ve decided to use their website’s odds as a guidance to write about the latest Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2019 betting odds. When we bet on a contest like this we’re pretty much kept in the dark, because there are no previous fixtures, battles, or any betting history to rely on. However, that doesn’t stop a real gambler: we’ve done our research and made our Danish Melodi Grand Prix predictions.

Danish Melodi Grand Prix is an annual music competition in Denmark. It’s been around since 1957, and this year it takes place on 23 February. The jury’s opinion is just as important as the viewers’ votes, they equally matter. The winner is going represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Israel.

Leonora’s Love is Forever is the most likely to win

The 20-year-old former ice skater Leonora seems to be the favorite to qualify for Eurovision this year. Her song, “Love is Forever” has everything a successful Eurovision song needs: cute tunes, singing about love, getting political, but not too political. Her lyrics aren’t rocket science at all: “a taste of love is all we got, so don’t you never ever give up love”. The song even includes a verse in French, so maybe Denmark could even count on the votes of France in Eurovision with this performance.

Leonora focuses on the message of not to mess up the world even more, and remember the importance of love. This adds nothing new to the music industry, but in a cute package it could be a popular product to sell. Arguably popular enough to win Melodi Grand Prix 2019.

Julie & Nina’s League of Light is catchy and motivational

Julie Berthelsen & Nina Jørgensen go way back, they’ve known each other for ages. Out of the two friends Julie is more popular, she was big in Denmark in the ‘00s when she competed in a talent show called Popstars and sold 90,000 copies of her album. Nina is a music teacher, who was the lead singer of a band called Qulleq. The duo started playing together this year, and they’ve created the catchiest song of the competition.

While the tunes are amazing, the lyrics are a bit weird, but somehow still convincing. “Living is learning to love / We are more than an echo of the past / We’re a feeling that will last / Burning in the league of light” probably means nothing specific at all, while it makes Julie & Nina sound like 7th grader girls reading out the text of their new stickers and badges. And it still sounds motivational somehow, doesn’t it? Even for the first listen, you start to sort of believe it. Yes, I am more than an echo of the past! Even if I have no clue what that means. They’re definitely up there with Leonora.

Simone Emilie’s also in the mix, but her song is missing something

Simone Emilie is a 23-year-old student and travelling musician. She’s been to the USA, Singapore and Spain with a girls choir, with her band, or just by herself, doing what she does best: singing. She was relatively unknown before releasing her song “Anywhere”, but she definitely has a bright future. In fact, online gambling sites in Denmark believe that she’s the 3rd likely artist to win the Melodi Grand Prix 2019.

While the song has a pretty nice vibe, it leaves us with the unfulfilled promise of a banger chorus. It feels like an Avicii song that doesn’t want to kick in, and when it does, it’s too little, too late. The lyrics are bang average as well. Therefore, we believe that Simone Emilie’s song is just a little bit weaker than the previous two. However, it’s odds at Bet365 Sportsbook and the hype makes it tempting to place a cheeky bet on it.

Kiss Like This and Step It Up are definitely not the songs to bet on

Bet365 Sportsbook offers great odds for some other songs as well, but we don’t recommend you to waste your money on these ones below. For instance, there’s The Stereotypical Latino Song of Jasmin Gabay. With Kiss Like This she doesn’t want to keep you in the dark, even for a second – she immediately states that this song is going to be a “la la la la la la latino” one.  She also managed to create one of the most awkward dialogues of the history of music:

‘Are your kisses like dynamite?’
‘Don’t you like my kisses?’

“You wanna make me “oooooooooooooh”, hey guapo I miss your lips” sounds silly even for Eurovision. But it’s not just Jasmin’s song that has the great potential to annoy you in the club at 2am. Teit Samsø’s Step It Up starts up with a nice tune, just to get more and more cringy. A horny man singing about how bad he wants to do a girl in the club is everything but a successful Eurovision song.

Last but not least, we have to mention Marie Isabell. Her song sounds a bit like a weak copy of an Amy Macdonald single, and even the first few seconds are annoying. The lyrics of Dancing with You in My Heart are just as awkward as its, which which doesn’t help Marie Isabell’s chances.

To conclude our Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2019 betting predictions we believe that either Leonora or Julie & Nina are going to win the competition. If you feel like trying your luck and you want to make some more money, it’s Simone Emilie who deserves a chance. However, when it comes to Jasmin Gabay, Teit Samsø or Marie Isabell, we recommend you to keep your credit card in your pocket.

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