Darts home tour odds

  • The Darts Home Tour will start on the 14th of April
  • Michael van Gerwen was unable to attend the tournament
  • Visit bet365 sportsbooks to place your bet and watch the tournament live
darts home tour odds

Tuesday was a good day for the darts’ fans, no doubt. On the 14th of April, Professional Darts Association have announced that they’re starting the first ever Darts home tour. The tour starts on the 17th of April and will take place for 32 consecutive days. Obviously, when there’s a darts’ tournament, there’s wagering.  Thanks to the technology and online betting sites in the UK, you can bet on any player you prefer while watching the game live. Here are the darts home tour odds to help you make your decision.

Darts Home Tour Odds at Bet365 Sportsbook, darts betting odds, bet on darts todayThe decision to hold the darts home tour was made after the trial game of Darts at Home series was successful. The tournament continued for two days while live streaming all of the game sessions through Facebook and Youtube live. Nine players have competed in this mini-series.  

How will the tournament work?

The tournament will be different for sure, but the first game on Friday has proven that it’s still something to be excited about. The players will compete from home while keeping the scores themselves. Obviously, a big part of the darts tournament is the crowd. Without any background noise of the fans cheering on except for maybe the players’ family, the tournament will require some getting some used to. 

darts home tour odds
You can already place your bets on the darts home tour.

The home streaming technology has its requirements too. Unfortunately, that has cost us some of the biggest names in the darts community from the darts home tour. It has become evident that we’ll be missing Michael van Gerwen, the owner of the world number one rank. Another name we shouldn’t include on our list of darts home tour odds’ lists is Gary Anderson. Even though he has a full-right possession of the tour card, he has to get his name out of the list due to the wi-fi connection problem. Yes, you heard me right, a world class darts player won’t be in the game due to his lousy wi-fi.

Darts home Tour rules

The main rules of the darts will still be the same for the darts home tour. For 32 days, group of four players will play on a round-robin format to determine the winner. A winner of each day will then advance to the next stage of the tournament. All of the group games will be best of 9 legs. The winner will get two points and the leg count will break the tie if there happens to be one.

The PDC has not yet released a further description and rules of the second phase of the game. The first four groups of the players have already been announced. The players who are the Tour Card Holders are automatically included in the game, while we’re still waiting for the other players’ list.

Darts home tour odds

As we’ve mentioned before, this tour is unlike any other. So it would be not really ideal to back some of the biggest names like before. The unfamiliar environment and sudden change of situations can yield results that you never would’ve expected. Gary Andersen has been ruled out due to the wi-fi issues. Daryl Gurney has pulled his name out of the game because he felt like with his sister working from home in the  other room, the set would not be ideal. However, thanks to the online sportsbooks in the UK, we can still offer you some of the best darts home tour odds. All of the odds down below are taken from bet365 sportsbooks, which you probably have already heard of if you follow the darts’ wagering news. 

Jamie Lewis has won the first day’s game, earning his right to advance to the next level. It was one of the unexpected yet inaugural winners of the tournament. He played against the legendary Peter Wright, Niels Zonneveld and Peter Jacques. He has started the day with a 5-3 loss to Zonneveld but has claimed his unmatched victory back with 5-1 win against Peter Wright and 5-4 win against Peter Jacques. 

darts home tour odds
The darts home tour is about to start soon.

As for the second day, Luke Woodhouse was the star of the night. The darts home tour odds were in his favor even before the game had started. With a perfect 5-0 win against Gerwyn Price, he has continued to prove the odds successful. 

For the Day-4 of the tournament, or the Group D, we have Ross Smith, Mickey Mansell, Geert Nentjes and Lisa Ashton. Ross Smith is leading the darts home tour odds of Day 4 with 7/5 odds. Mickey Mansell and Geert Nentjes are closely following him with the equal odds of 13/5 in bet365 sportsbooks.  One of the promising representatives of the women players of darts, Lisa Ashton has 11/2 odds. 

How to watch the tour live

It’s understandable that you would want to follow the game that you’ve placed a bet on. Thanks to the bet365 sportsbook, now you don’t have to jump between two sites, trying to watch the game and check your bets. They’re streaming every single game and you can watch it for free. All you need to do is to have an account on the site and have made at least one deposit before. The darts home tour will continue for 32 consecutive days before advancing to the next level. So you have plenty of time to follow the players you like and place your bets.

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