Bet on Classic British Shows: Can Top of the Pops return?

  • Top of the Pops was running for 42 years on BBC
  • Last episode was broadcasted in 2006 but the show is missed by fans
  • Series like The Prisoner or Downton Abbey could return
bet on classic British shows
Image source: Cjb545 / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

One of the first music television shows, Top of the Pops has been running on BBC for 42 years, until 2006. Since the end of the show there have been rumors about its revival, without any real attempt so far. You can bet on classic British shows like TOTP and guess which can return again to the TV screens.  

Every show has to face the fate of being cancelled due to the always changing demands and trends of broadcasting.  Even successful and popular shows like Top of the Pops which was first broadcasted in 1964 with its first act, the Rolling Stones. Other historical programs, from children’s series to game shows have also been axed during the years. But as people love retro things and remembering back to things from the past, some of these shows can return back now. 

Bet on classic British shows to return first

Online sportsbooks in the UK are giving the smallest odds for the return of Top of the Pops first with a new series. It has the odds of 3.74. As we mentioned the world’s longest running weekly music show has a long history as it was in BBC’s program for more than 40 years. It attracted more than 15 million viewers in the 1970s, but the numbers fell in the 2000s. It couldn’t compete with 24h music televisions, and more and more people lost interest in the charts, which meant the end of the show. 

bet on classic British shows
Best of CD from Top of the Pops – Image via Flickr

But many music fans and musicians have been asking for its return during the last few years. Just like parents for the return of popular children’s show, Tiswas, which was running between 1974 and 1982. It wasn’t a typical show with throwing custard-pies at the kids, or bucket of water at the guests. The show had 4 million viewers but not surely it could come back in its original format in today’s stricter health and safety regulations. Still it’s one of the favorites to appear again on ITV with the odds of 6.50

Game shows and one of the most popular British drama could return

If you want to bet on classic British shows to return first, you might consider a game show, like The Generation Game which has the odds of 8.00.  In the BBC production four teams of two family members from different generations were competing against each other. The show was hosted by one of the most famous showman Bruce Forsyth, who sadly died in 2017. But it doesn’t mean that the show can’t return with a new host soon. 

Online gambling sites in the UK are also mentioning different popular TV series with a chance to return with new episodes. Like a cult series from the 1960s, The Prisoner. It only had one season in 1967, but still attracted many fans of science-fiction and thrillers. Its odds of returning are 9.00. While a more recent and world-wide known series, Downton Abbey could have some new episodes after its last one in 2015. The historical drama set in the beginning of the 20th century won several awards and it has become the most successful British costume drama. An average of more than 9 million viewers watched every episode. After a movie version hit the cinemas at the end of last year, Downton Abbey’s return to ITV is possible. It has the odds of 11.00 at the moment on 1xBet. 

You can discover more about these odds here at 1xBet Sportsbook.

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