Dating Apps Vs. Slot Machines: Is There A Connection? 


Posted: March 10, 2021

Updated: March 10, 2021

  • Slots are the most popular casino games even today
  • Dating apps radically changed how we seek for connections
  • Find out about their connection in our dating apps vs. slot machines review

Modern dating apps show similarity to the basic ideas of a slot machine. But what can we learn when comparing dating apps vs. slot machines? Do they in fact have more differences? See some of the main reasons these two became an odd match! 

This might not be the first time you hear about a connection between dating apps and slot machines. Although at first sight, it is an odd pairing, this article explores all the reasons they show some similarity.  Playing slots in online casinos or brick-mortal casinos remain the most popular gambling activities. With tremendous new games and updates, developers try to make them more and more exciting. Similarly, we all experienced the rise of dating apps in recent years. Interestingly, both online gambling and online dating went through a rough time to become accepted by society. And there is still space for that.  But set aside society’s views, we ask in what ways can we claim that they show similarities? We take a look at the recent discussions on dating apps vs. slot machines, expect some interesting insights!

Slot machines – as we know them

Slot machines do not need an introduction, ever since the first casinos and later the appearance of online gambling sites in the US, their popularity stays on the rise. In a detailed article, we already discussed how slot machines became popular over time. When you think about why you love playing slots, it is probably the simplicity, excitement and high reward that comes to mind. Apart from that, another reason why we keep loving it is due to technological updates. From traditional to shockingly weird themes, gamblers have the opportunity to dip into some real gems. As for simplicity, slot machines contain random number generators. These can create thousands of numbers per second. Each of these associated with a different combination of symbols. Whether you win or lose is determined by the random number generated in the exact instant you activate each play—if it matches a pay line, you win.

Dating Apps Vs. Slot Machines
Unlucky in cards, lucky in love

What winning really is

Winning money is why we gamble. Or is it? While the excitement of winning some cash with low effort is great, it is interesting to take a look at other factors too. The designs of slots from the sound effects through graphics are very entertaining. It is easy to get hooked purely because of these reasons. Even when there is no money on the line, it is a form of entertainment. As proof of this, many free slots are just as popular and inspired so many games we play on our phones for example. CyberSpinsCasino offers free-rounds before you cash in, which is always a great idea when starting out something new.

Many have concluded before, that the reason we enjoy gambling and slots is only partly about money, and mostly about the thrill, fun and entertainment, we get out of it. It is great to see this since if we ask why we gamble, the risk of getting too hooked or addicted is lower. Keeping a good balance and staying within a budget is essential, and always our top advice. Yet of course, with designs that are highly addictive, we actively have to pay attention to this in order to turn online casino games to our benefits. Quite interestingly, similar observations were made in relation to dating apps, so let’s dive in!

The popularity and rules of dating apps

Depending on the country, dating apps have different popularity. In the US in particular, Tinder and Bumble lead the popularity charts. The appearance of these apps definitely revolutionized modern dating. 10-15 years ago online dating was for losers – according to public conversations back then. But with the introduction of high-speed internet, smartphones, technological developments and most importantly, more freedom of dating preferences, this definitely changed. While it is great to have less stigma and shame around our decisions, anyone who used such apps probably observed how much they resemble a game. Regardless of one’s agenda when using dating apps, it quickly starts to feel like the more matches we get, the better it feels. And quite frankly, we quickly move on. When trying out an online slot game on CyberSpinsCasino, a matching pay-line is great, but moving on to the next round is what most people enjoy.

Dating Apps Vs. Slot Machines
It’s a match!

Simplicity and convenience also come into the picture of dating apps. Yes, it is a great and easy way to chat with people and meet if you prefer. Just like we observed how the mobile versions of online casinos in the US made gambling even more accessible, dating apps revolve around the same idea. With little dedicated time comes a pretty high reward, and there is always the next option or should we say next round? Not only there is, but most people are in it to keep discovering instead of settling. In terms of excitement and thrill dating apps vs. slot machines actually resemble.

Dating apps vs. slot machines: the connection

Today’s dating apps have turned finding a match into a game. When you swipe right or left, you take a gamble on who will appear. Much like with the lever-pull on slots, we wait to see what will appear. With images fleshing up on the screen, with every swipe a potential special someone appears. We can view a match as a win or conquest, but it is more exciting to see what is coming next. When we think about it, it is not in favour of dating app companies for you to find a long term partner. There is no hustle in this, just the way it is designed.

With each swipe, of course, the possibility is there to find someone more interesting. Because of the design, much like with slots, we know that eventually, a match (or win) will appear. To avoid any harm, much like with all things with possible addiction, approach it with caution. This is easily true for all our social media activity. It is not always easy to keep ourselves in balance, and truly enjoy the benefits of such apps. Interestingly, with dating apps, the idea would be to find a match that you can turn into a date. But for many people, the search for the match and then finding it is enough to feel the win. When we compare dating apps vs. slot machines, these features also show similarity.

Dating Apps Vs. Slot Machines
Let’s spin!

Dating apps vs. slot machines: the difference

If we break down the technicalities, there are great differences. The question of the algorithm is very important. When you go for a spin on CyberSpinsCasino, the used algorithm will be the random number generator. The modern online slot machine uses RNG, which does not use any form of memory to determine when a number should be generated. The lack of memory means the algorithm used to generate each number is completely independent of each reel on the slot machine. This is a big reason for popularity since players can feel less subjected to the casino and house edge.

However, algorithms on dating apps are anything but random. Interestingly, apps like Tinder used to use the Elo rating system, which is the same method used to calculate the skill levels of chess players. The algorithm counts for many factors such as location, age, memorises your previous swipes, and also the number of times you were swiped. Much information is gathered from your profile and from all your activity. And appearance is a big key. To summarize, success and activity determine your scoring on dating apps, vs. with slot machines, you can count on your luck a lot more.

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