Dawid Kubacki Might Pull Off an Upset As Per Raw Air 2020 Odds

  • Dawid Kubacki recently won Four Hills Tournament
  • Ryoyu Kobayashi won Raw Air 2019
  • Karl Geiger won his 1000th ski jumping event
  • Stefan Kraft took the podium 71 times
Raw Air 2020 Odds
Image source: Tadeusz Mieczyński / CC BY-SA

One of the most intense ski jumping tournaments in the world Raw Air is kicking off on March 10. It promises a tight contention between the top four ski jumpers, according to Raw Air 2020 odds. However, there is a good chance for Dawid Kubacki to make a huge upset.

Raw Air tournament will be running from March 10 to 19. Each contender will face 10 competitions with a course of 10 days, with a total of 16 counting ski jumps. The competitions will be held in four different cities in Norway. The competitors will start in Holmenkollen a hill on top of Norway’s capital city Oslo, continuing on to Lillehammer. They will move to Trondheim the third spectacular hill,  before finishing off in Vikersund.

According to online gambling sites in Norway, there is no clear favorite this season, unlike the past two seasons. All of Ryoyu Kobayashi, Dawid Kubacki, Karl Geiger, and Stefan Kraft have a chance. But, the highest value in the market lies with Kubacki as per Raw Air 2020 odds, if he manages to pull off a huge upset.

Dawid Kubacki recently won Four Hills Tournament

Raw Air 2020 Odds
Dawid Kubacki – Image source: Granada / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

The Polish ski jumper is on the rise standing on the podium in every competition this season and winning the prestigious Four Hills Tournament. Previously the 29-year-old had some successes but was hardly seen as the favorite. He joined the national team at the Winter Olympics in 2014. But, he only started topping the chart in 2018 winning 5 of 9 competitions.

Kubacki has a very strong character, as it is hard to see an athlete able to swallow all previous defeats and start leading. Despite that, he is still fifth in the World Cup ranking, he became the Polish team’s new hope. At the Raw Air 2020 odds, Kubacki has a  value of 12.00 to be the outright winner, as per the Unibet Sportsbook.

Ryoyu Kobayashi won Raw Air 2019

The Japanese high-flyer Ryoyu Kobayashi has had a breakout season in 2019. He became the World Cup champion, and he won 13 World Cup events, collecting all top titles. Ryoyu who is the younger brother of ski jumper Junshiro Kobayashi debuted in the World Cup in 2016. He ended up as the best Japanese in seventh place. His first podium placement came during the World Cup in 2018. He deservedly remains among the favorites with 12.00 odds, especially that he won Raw Air last season.

Karl Geiger won his 1000th ski jumping event

Germany’s Karl Geiger, 27, debuted in 2012. He has placed the second favorite with 4.50 odds. That is probably due to his recent achievement of winning his 1000th ski jumping World Cup of all time in Lahti, Finland. Among his other achievements, he won silver at the 2018 Winter Olympics and won gold at the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Championships 2019. It remains to be seen how far Karl Geiger will go.

Stefan Kraft took the podium 71 times

The Austrian ski jumper, 26, is one of the sport’s most successful athletes. He recently claimed his fourth ski jumping World Cup of the season and 20th overall in Romania. As for now, Stefan Kraft took the podium 71 times. He has won Four Hills Tournament in 2015 and Raw Air Tournament in 2017. Online sportsbook news sites in Norway consider him the best of all time, and he leads the odds with a value of  1.85.

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