De Gea Transfer Failure Becoming Ridiculous

De Gea transfer failure Real madrid Man Utd fight

The De Gea transfer failure just created the most exciting Latin-American soap opera of the football world.

The David De Gea transfer failure is now making the relationship between Real Madrid and Manchester United kind of unique. Real Madrid blames Manchester United while Manchester United blames Real Madrid for the unsuccessful business. Both clubs believe they did everything right and the other side did everything wrong.

•Real Madrid blames Man Utd
•Man Utd blames Real Madrid
•Conspiracy theories arise

It is impossible to find out whatever really happened between the two clubs, one thing is for sure: due to the De Gea transfer failure, the Spaniard will stay in Manchester. Spanish and UK gambling news agree on one thing – this is the worst situation for all the people who were involved.

Galacticos blame De Gea transfer failure on Manchester United

After a long set of rumors and conspiracy theories, Real Madrid have finally released an official announcement about what happened on 31 August. They explained in ten points why they are not to blame at all and how the Red Devils tricked them by wasting too much time on the last day of the transfer market.

The Spanish club announced that they intended to start negotiating earlier, but the British side were not willing to listen any offers until 31 August. According to the official announcement of the Whites, Man Utd sent back the documents at midnight, which Real Madrid received 2 minutes later, when the transfer window has already closed.

Man Utd continued the soap opera with their version of the story

Moments after the official announcement of the Royal Club, the English team basically came out with their version of the story. Of course, they were doing the same as their rival. Trying to blame the other side without taking any kind of responsibility in the De Gea transfer failure.

They said that they had sent back every document on time and the registration process failed because of the mistakes made by Real Madrid. In addition, at the end of their official announcement, the Red Devils made a cheeky comment about how happy they are for having been able to keep their incredibly talented goalkeeper.

The current situation is the worst for each participant

Luis van Gaal annoyed

van Gaal has every reason to be annoyed

Clearly none of the involved actors can be satisfied how this transfer saga ended. It is a horrible situation for Real Madrid as they failed to sign the keeper they wanted to. And it is a horrible situation for Real Madrid’s goalkeeper Keylor Navas, who was brought in as a great discovery of 2014’s World Cup. So far, he has spent 1 year on the bench, and wasn’t looking to be the first-choice goalkeeper if De Gea would have arrived. Now he has to stay at the Whites knowing they wanted to replace him without actually giving him a chance to prove himself.

It is also a horrible situation for Manchester United, because even though they kept their world class goalie, he is clearly unhappy. The club lost the money they were going to get for De Gea and they also failed to capture Keylor Navas. Mobile betting sites report that Louis Van Gaal is also in a horrible situation because he has one unhappy (David De Gea) and two unreliable (Sergio Romero and Victor Valdes) goalkeepers.

David De Gea is in the worst position

David de Gea Manchester united

Just a few weeks ago everything was looking up for David

Even though the fact that Real Madrid, Manchester United, Luis van Gaal and Keylor Navas only lost with the failure of the deal, David De Gea is in the worst position. His contract is about to expire next June, and his manager clearly does not count on his services any longer. The 24-year-old is obviously not going to be in the right state of mind at Manchester United, as he is very likely to leave as soon as possible.

However, leaving might not be so easy. He has a few options ahead of him and any of them are possible. He might be stubborn enough not to renew his contract with Manchester United. That decision would force him out of the team at the end of the season. Then he would become a player without a match for a year which is a huge disadvantage. It would be impossible to predict his form for when he returns. He will also have the chance to be sold in January, or he can give up and renew his contract with Manchester United. However, this latter option would probably mean a final goodbye to the chance of joining the Royal Club.

People seek explanations for the De Gea transfer failure

De Gea Manchester united

Not even he knows what’ll come next

Football enthusiasts are just as shocked for the new episode of the football world’s most ridiculous soap opera as everyone else. Many of them try to make sense out of it, but that is clearly impossible. Several theories have come up ever since the closure of the transfer window. According to one of these, Manchester United wanted to teach the Royal Club a lesson. They got angry at Los Blancos for continuously buying their best players, and that is why they sent the documents too late, on purpose.

Others believe it was Florentino Pérez who changed his mind and decided he rather wants to sign De Gea for free next June instead of paying around EUR 40 million now. So he uploaded the documents too late on purpose to show how he intended to buy the player, even though he didn’t. Pérez wanted to make De Gea believe they will never let him down, even though the fact that they just did.

The soap opera’s next episode airs in January

All these conspiracy theories are just as ridiculous as the story of the De Gea transfer failure itself. Nobody will ever find out the truth what happened and who made a mistake during the transfer process. Probably both sides, and apparently both sides are too proud and too stubborn to admit any fault they might have made.

Anyhow, the series is going for a long holiday, but it is not over yet! online gambling sites in Spain believe that on the 1st of January, when the winter transfer window opens, the trtansfer action will continue. Real Madrid might launch a new transfer offer for the Spanish goalkeeper, in case he does not renew his contract until then.

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