Delaware Seeks to Become a Gambling State

Delaware is seeking to catch up with its neighbors when it comes to gambling. A potential keno paradise could result.

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Delaware, like its northeastern neighbors, is seeking to attract gambling revenues and now is desperately trying to change the American gambling laws applicable within its borders.

One of the targets is the game of keno, something similar to bingo. The new Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act of 2012 seeks to allow for as many as 100 keno gaming locations within the state. Allowing sports betting is also considered. As many as 20 locations would be created to accept the wagers.

This also opens up a possibility of Delaware-based online sportsbooks in USA. However, this would very likely be confined to state borders.

Delaware state government worries about the loss of revenues the state experienced in recent years. After all, Atlantic City is nearby. Slot revenues alone are down 30% as compared to five years ago.

There are some concerns. One of these is preventing excessive gambling and preventing minors from betting. Currently, the officials are investigating technological measures to handle these problem areas, and are looking at the European experience where gambling, including mobile betting is allowed. (At least, in most countries.)

Nevertheless, some anti-gambling advocates are still not satisfied. Some even cite religious or moral reasons. Yet, the state knows that its residents can easily visit Atlantic city casinos or, eventually, make online bets. So, the state may as well enlarge its taxation base and keep the money within state territory. The competition is there and late comers are already paying the price.

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