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Posted: March 9, 2017

Updated: October 6, 2017

Read GamingZion’s DFS soccer tips by TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer to get a quick tutorial to this new type of game that enables you to convert your soccer knowledge to cash!

Read our DFS soccer tips and use them to build your own daily fantasy soccer strategy and win real money on a regular basis! You only need to adapt your soccer manager skills and game knowledge and you can easily become a winning DFS player.

Implement these DFS soccer tips to your team selection strategy at daily fantasy sports sites like The Six – Daily Fantasy Soccer and win cash prizes commonly!

DFS Soccer Tips I: Listen to your managerial instincts!

Manchester United manager

Channel your inner-Jose Mourinho when playing daily fantasy soccer (photo: theasiantoday.com)

Do you feel that an out of form player will thrive against their current opponent? Don’t hesitate to pick them! Do you feel that a top player will fail to make an impact in their upcoming matchup? Leave him out! Don’t afraid to be brave since this courage can make the difference in certain contests at daily fantasy sports sites in the US and worldwide!

DFS Soccer Tips II: Use your soccer knowledge!

DFS Soccer Tips

  • Listen to your instincs
  • Use your skills
  • Look for the best deals
  • Tinker with the details
  • Use your tactical knowledge

Use the information available to you when selecting your team! If you learned from the related articles or other sources that a recently unused player will get a go, just pick them! This information can give you the real edge over your rivals!

TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer delivers you all the player and team news right in the team creator panel to help you when picking your fantasy XI. At this operator, it’s easy to have a look at all the information in one place, where you select your team.

DFS Soccer Tips III: Look for the best deals available!

You don’t have to overcomplicate things. Don’t avoid popular picks only for the sake of outsmarting your opponents! That can be done with less obvious player choices – you will need some of them to fill your squad of 11 players…

DFS Soccer Tips IV: Tinker with the details!

DFS soccer points board

There are a number of different ways to win points playing daily fantasy soccer

Sometimes it’s really easy to pick the majority of your team and the real work is ‘filling the gaps’. Consider several options and also check the stats when browsing less famous players!

And above all, use your tactical skills!

Before selecting a particular player, think about the tactical side of their upcoming matchup!Consider the opponent’s strength, playing style, lineup and form. If more of this suits the player, select him! There is no better approach than this when picking your XI at Online daily fantasy sports sites in the EU and worldwide like TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer.

Try TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer, arguably the most comprehensive online DFS site, where you can convert your soccer manager skills to real cash! Also read our TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer review in GamingZion’s directory of DFS sites to learn more about this excellent operator.

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