Diamond Jubilee Stakes Betting Is A Close Thing To Call

Posted: June 21, 2018

Updated: June 21, 2018

The Diamond Jubilee Stakes has been run each year at Royal Ascot since 1868 and these days is open to horses of four years old and over, differentiating it from the Commonwealth Cup that is run over the same distance for horses a year younger. But if you're apt to do a spot of Diamond Jubilee Stakes betting this year do be aware that this isn't going to be a two horse race with lots of highly competitive animals in the mix for the win garnering tempting odds at bookies like Bet365.

  • Can The Tin Man overcome those 8/1 odds to win the Diamond Jubilee Stakes again this year?
  • Will the Commonwealth Cup veteran Harry Angel be able to do one better and win?
  • Does 4 year old Blue Point deserve shorter odds than the 7/1 Bet365 are giving right now?
  • Is Limato the best each-way Diamond Jubilee Stakes betting you can do this week?

Six furlongs is only 1,207m and so this is one of the great sprint horse races on the calendar anywhere in the world, dripping with history and always of massive interest to the punting public who each year partake of some Diamond Jubilee Stakes betting as another of those acceptable flutters that roll around each summer. However this year the field is so good even the bookies are finding it hard to decide which horse will have the advantage and if you like to bet on sports in the UK, this is no easy wager.

Typically Diamond Jubilee Stakes betting was a simple matter, but with the new rules barring 3 year olds (moved to the Commonwealth Cup) we have a tandem system which means that the strong finishers in that race last year show up – a year older – in this one. That’s why Harry Angel and Blue Point both feature in the starting line up and are garnering some very nice odds at bookies like Bet365, however should you back them to win when last year’s winner is running alongside them? Let’s see…..

Can The Tin Man Win The Diamond Jubilee Stakes Twice In A Row?

The outsider at Bet365, if your Diamond Jubilee Betting requires a massive longshot, is Intelligence Cross at 100/1 twice the odds that Donjuan Triumphant and Dream of Dreams are getting, just behind Sir Dancealot and Gifted Master at 33/1 with Washington DC, Dbai, Projection and Spirit of Valour all at not much better prices, each getting just 25/1 to take the win. If you’re considering backing any of those to win, think again, they’re each way bets at best, and even then really very optimistic ones.

For a slightly more sensible each way piece of Diamond Jubilee Stakes betting one should look no further than Limato at 16/1 who came third last year although it would be entirely understandable were one to go for City Light or Librisa Breeze at 12/1 on Bet365. The problem is of course that whilst they’re strong runners the top of this field is packed with such an array of talent you’d have to be pretty optimistic to take advantage of UK gambling laws and back any of these longer odd garnering beasts.

Diamond Jubilee Stakes Betting Is Simple At Bet365

Bound For Nowhere gets 9/1 at Bet365 but that isn’t awfully tempting given last year’s winner, The Tin Man, is getting just 8/1 to repeat the feat, with the horse that came third in the Commonwealth Cup last year, Blue Point just ahead at 7/1 which isn’t itself that far behind Redkirk Warrior on 5/1. This isn’t just going to be a close race, this is going to be neck and neck stuff right from the start, and the two favorites might get slightly better Diamond Jubilee Stakes betting odds, but do they deserve them?

Well Harry Angel came second to Caravaggio last year in the Commonwealth Cup and now a year older is a strong contender for a victory here and Bet365 give it Diamond Jubilee Stakes betting odds of just 5/2, however this isn’t miles away from Merchant Navy which gets 7/2 at some bookies like Bet365, and in the struggle away from the gate this race could quickly be decided on pack placement and UK gambling news headlines will herald yet another unlikely winner of this great horse race.

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