Bet On The Commonwealth Cup At Royal Ascot This Week

Posted: June 21, 2018

Updated: June 21, 2018

Despite not having the long history of the Royal Ascot Gold Cup this race introduced 2015 has already established itself as a showcase for some of the best three year-olds in the Europe and with a massive field to choose from a bet on the Commonwealth Cup 2018 can net you some bargain odds and great opportunities but just what odds are the big bookies like Bet365 giving the runners and riders in Friday's headline race? We take a look.

  • Can Equilateral beat on the challenge from Sioux Nation and deserve those short 9/2 odds?
  • Is the Invincible Army at 7/1 likely to flounder on the Sands of Mali at the same price?
  • Will the US Navy Flag get planted in the winners circle or is 6/1 just sheer optimism?
  • Could Raid be the best each way bet on the Commonwealth Cup this year at 14/1?

With the Diamond Jubilee Stakes closed off to three year old the organizers of Ascot bet on the Commonwealth Cup to replace it, a six furlong sprint (that’s 1,207m for those that need to know) that is open to three year olds, and indeed is the only race in Great Britain for that age that permits geldings making it something quite special. Last year it was Caravaggio who took the victory ahead of Harry Angel and Blue Point, but who should you back this year as they get under starters orders on Friday?

Well the first thing you have to bear in mind is the unpredictability of these sprint races and if proof were needed the fact that even the long shots are only 40/1 tells you all you need to know. Stone of Destiny and Fighting Irish both get those odds from Bet365, and whilst maybe your bet on the Commonwealth Cup could be better placed on the gaggle of horses at 33/1 (Battle of Jericho, Abel Handy, Actress, and Cardsharp), if your bet on sports in the UK this week is on a longshot, these aren’t bad.

The Chaotic Sprint Between Equilateral And Sioux Nation Is On

Bet On The Commonwealth Cup

  • Stone Of Destiny – 40/1
  • Fighting Irish – 40/1
  • Battle Of Jericho – 33/1
  • Abel Handy – 33/1
  • Actress – 33/1
  • Cardsharp – 33/1
  • Roussel – 28/1
  • Speak In Colours – 25/1
  • Enjazaat – 25/1
  • Unfortunately – 25/1
  • Now Youre Talking – 20/1
  • Hey Jonesy – 20/1
  • Gidu – 20/1
  • Murillo – 20/1
  • Emblazoned – 16/1
  • Could It Be Love – 16/1
  • Different League – 16/1
  • Main Desire – 16/1
  • Eqtidaar – 16/1
  • Heartache – 16/1
  • Laugh A Minute – 16/1
  • Fleet Review – 14/1
  • Raid – 14/1
  • Sands Of Mali – 7/1
  • Invincible Army – 7/1
  • US Navy Flag – 6/1
  • Sioux Nation – 4/1
  • Equilateral – 9/2

Of course Roussel gets 28/1 at Bet365, just behind Enjazaat, Unfortunately and Speak In Colours all of which will get you 25/1 if you bet on the Commonwealth Cup winner, although those taking advantage of UK gambling laws to place an each-way wager might want to consider Now Youre Talking, Gidu, Murillo or Hey Jonesy who all get 20/1 and could well be worth backing. Although closer to the top of the odds on offer there are some quite tricky choices to be made, especially around the 16/1 mark.

Different League, Could It Be Love, Main Desire and Emblazoned sit alongside Eqtidaar, Heartache and Laugh a Minute at those odds at Bet365 and it’s going to be difficult to slip a cigarette paper between them so whichever gets a gut reaction is probably the one you should back. That said the ever surprising Raid is on 14/1 with the ever challenging Fleet Review on the same, so this is by no means a decision to be rushed. After all it really isn’t just favorites that win this pell-mell sprint race to victory.

Bet On The Commonwealth Cup At Bet365 This Friday

Naturally at the top of the field things get a little sharper of contrast with Invincible Army, which is attracting a lot of very respectable money, getting 7/1 shoulder to shoulder with Sands of Mali who is likewise being heavily backed by those in the UK gambling news headlines will ring of it’s victory this weekend, however US Navy Flag is a massively strong contender and gets 6/1 at Bet365 so if you thought a bet on the Commonwealth Cup was a straightforward little flutter, think again. It’s not.

This is particularly true when we try and separate out the two favorites. Bet365 have Sioux Nation at 4/1 and Equilateral at 9/2 with some competitors having them at precisely the opposite odds just to confuse anyone attempting to place a bet on the Commonwealth Cup this year, although with their reputations and recent performances it’s no surprise even the bookies aren’t sure which way this one will go at the line, and that means there’s an good opportunity here for a boost to your bankroll.

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