Did Anyone Bet On Brexit Battle Boats And Saint Bob?

Firage Union Jack

In days gone by Britain ruled the waves, a naval power down through the ages, some of it’s most famed sons, Raleigh, Nelson and Cook, were sailors as perhaps befits a small island off the coast of mainland Europe. However it is uncertain if this history of seafaring is any excuse for the latest bout of silliness in the campaign surrounding the EU Referendum in the UK as the two sides took to the water in London, making a bet on Brexit look not so much political gambling as just another novelty wager.

With the bright lights and glitzy attraction of the Euro 2016 finals dazzling one and all political betting can look a tad dry by comparison. Football has Ronaldo, Pogba and Rooney, Politics has Cameron and Osbourne, Farage and Johnson. It’s not much competition. The fact that the football is infinitely more important to most Britons and distracting them reflected in the numbers that have bet on Brexit as the polls have shifted towards the Vote Leave campaign.

Ronald Celebration

Ronaldo may be getting more attention than David Cameron these days (photo:

Surely only a distracted population would even consider the ridiculous vanity project that is the Vote Leave campaign as being seriously worth supporting. However if you’re in the UK gambling news coverage bordering on the hysterical will draw the population back to the importance of the ballot you’d be placing a bet on Brexit that can’t possibly come true. They won’t They’re too busy watching the stars of European football to care about a vote on being part of Europe. Irony anyone?

European Football Distracts Voters From Europe

Of course the fact that the Euro 2016 finals coincide with the EU referendum vote is quite handy for the Vote Remain side on the basis that those most distracted by European Football are, bizarrely enough, precisely those sort of lower class oiks that would mindlessly vote to leave Europe due to some idiotic misconceptions about economics, immigration and basic geography. Those that have bet on Brexit know this, and have been attempting ever more eye catching stunts to regain their attention.

Thus it was that Nigel Farage, the ghastly little UK Independence Party populist that demonizes foreigners at every opportunity, took to the waters of the Thames, leading a small flotilla of boats towards the parliament muttering about how being in the EU harms fishermen leaving many of us in the UK gambling laws of justice would see him sink without trace. Unfortunately that was not to be, and what happened instead was a farce that made a bet on Brexit like a bet on Big Brother at Bet365.

Nigel Firage in suit

Nigel Firage was called a “fraud” by St. Geldof (photo:

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Farage, who has been under the shadow of Michael Gove, the human Spitting Image puppet, and Boris Johnson, bumbling ambition personified under a mop-top hairstyle, since the campaign began, looked pleased with himself aboard one of the boats, but if there’s one thing you shouldn’t do in British politics right now it’s get complacent and he should have bet on Brexit boats being countered by boats from the vote remain campaign, which duly arrived with none other than Saint Bob Geldof aboard.

St. Geldof then took to the microphone from his watery stead to call Farage a “Fraud” and “no friend to fishermen” stating that despite being on the EU Parliamentary fishing committee Farage had only attended one of forty three meetings. There then ensued a chase along the river with St. Bob continuing to heckle the Farage flotilla, a scene even Monty Python couldn’t have scripted. So then why place a bet on sports in the Uk when you could bet on Brexit at Bet365 ? The one thing it isn’t now is dry.

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