Digital Marketing Trends for Betting Companies in 2020

  • Digital marketing is shifting and growing by a second
  • Betting and gambling companies are spending more than half of their expenditure on the digital marketing
digital marketing trends for betting

The posters no longer belong in the walls. Now that the technology is taking over, it’s getting easier to reach your potential customers if only you use the right platforms. Especially for betting companies, marketing techniques have changed dramatically in the last decade. Let’s take a look at the digital marketing trends for betting companies in 2020.

As with the previous years, marketing will be the priority of betting or gambling businesses. In the study of 2019, it shows that around half of the expenditure of the betting companies are spent on marketing. However, in 2020, the analyses and measurements of the results are likely going to be the biggest measure of success instead of the sum of the money.

Top digital marketing trends for betting companies

For online gambling and betting businesses, the UK was always the biggest market. However, because of this huge common interest, the market has become overcrowded. In 2020, instead of trying to be one of the thousands of online gambling sites in the UK, businesses will try to enter more niche markets.

On the other hand, betting sites in Africa is expected to grow significantly, according to the online gambling news in the UK. Since mobile betting is the most common, betting sites are trying to become more mobile-friendly. It can be achieved either by launching apps or improving their UX operators. Visit our site to check out the best mobile apps in betting.

Also, a lot of sites are trying to venture out into sports broadcasting. As of now, the bet365 sportsbook offers this service which is proving to be really successful. You’ll get free access to any sports live broadcasting you’re betting on, or have a certain amount of fund in your account. Since everybody wants to have access to the game they’ve bet on, it’s no wonder that merging them together in one place was an idea that appealed a lot.

Obviously branding and building a distinct image will always be on top of the list. In an as competitive market as the bookmakers’ having a certain memorable and enjoyable image is what’s going to attract customers. This is not exactly digital marketing trends for betting companies in 2020, but it certainly is a classic that you can never ignore.

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Gambling on mobiles is getting more attention day by day – Image source: Flickr

Types of digital marketing betting companies are using

As with this direction the betting market is going, the betting companies are using various kinds of digital marketing. We’re going to mention some of the most effective, thus well-known types down below.


As we’ve mentioned before, betting on smartphones are taking over the scene these days. To cope with it, and benefit from this change, betting companies would spend lots of time and effort to make their site mobile-friendly. In order to make it more user-friendly, lots of them have already launched mobile apps.

In 2020, using UX not only on your site but also to make it more mobile-friendly is important. Catching the customers’ eyes and making their experience as simple and comfortable as possible is probably more effective than any marketing. Once you’ve attracted the customers, the UX will decide whether they’ll visit for the second time or not.

Interactive content

With all those new innovations in the smartphone technology, or just technology, in general, going around, make sure to utilize them. Interactive content such as posts that takes you straight to the shopping, VR, quizzes, and pools will attract your customers. Digital marketing trends for betting businesses are shifting to interactive content rather than just writing or plain pictures.

However, keep in mind that simple is the best. Bombarding your customers with million flashy ads or taking them to a different page every time they touch anything will do nothing more than just annoy them.


BERT or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers is no stranger to the betting businesses. It’s a paper published by Google AI researchers in 2018 that presents state-of-the-art results. It has been quite a sensation back then. However, the researchers released a new study of this paper last year. Out of the several innovations, the named entity recognition and question-answering tasks are likely to be the most useful.

With more training data than last year’s, the system has gotten much more accurate. Digital marketers for the betting sites are using not only the BERT but various other smart Google helping tools. In order to utilize them to push your marketing, make sure to keep up with the digital marketing news.

Making privacy a policy and data protection

With the world-class social media and companies getting in the data breaching scandals in 2019, customers are getting much more sensitive with their private information.  It’s especially true in the betting and gambling businesses, where some sensitive financial information is involved. Promising good privacy and safety for the customers will be an instant magnet for them.

Building trust and developing a connection with your customers that protects their data safety should be the priority. We can’t really call this one a digital marketing trend for betting companies. However, it’s definitely something that would be in the center of attention for a long time.

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