Discover How To Bet On The FA Cup Final Successfully

  • City, United, Chelsea And Arsenal All Still In The Running
  • Bet365 Lets You Learn How To Bet On The FA Cup Final 
  • Famous Trophy Match May Be Held Behind Closed Doors
How To Bet On The FA Cup Final
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There’s every possibility they’ll be lacking fans at the final. However, when choosing how to bet on the FA Cup final it’ll be the teams that matter. There are four massive features of the footballing landscape still in the pot, but which will be victorious? Online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 will offer you all the odds, but how do you spot a winner? Especially from amongst such proficient teams? Just which of these big names is going to take home something for their trophy cabinet?

Unable to decide how to bet on the FA Cup Final this year I thought there might be clues buried in the past. That a retrospective would provide some insight. Some clarity. They’ve been playing every year since the 1871-72 season (minus the wars). You’d think then there would perhaps be some common trait. Some defining quality you could spot ahead of time. Maybe unfortunately, sometimes, as Henry Ford said, history can be bunk. It is certainly awfully unhelpful at times.

There is, I discovered, little point to knowing Wanderers FC won that first year. The team might still be going in Upper Norwood, but their glory days have gone. The comparisons with the current crop of competitors aren’t going to assist anyone. Certainly not those trying figure out how to bet on the FA Cup Final in 2020. It’s typically the FA Cup Final is such a simple bet on sports in the UK. You simply pick the underdog unless you’re a fan of one team or the other.

Have A Traditional Flutter On The FA Cup 

Neutrals down the ages have found themselves backing wannabe giant-killers. Sometimes it’s even paid off. You don’t even have to dig back very far to find an example. Wigan Athletic won the cup in 2013. Their opposition in the final? Manchester City. So, upsets do occur. But not this time. Those trying to discover how to bet on the FA Cup Final will quickly spot the problem. In 2020 they’re all giants. Sure, they all have their issues, but on their day, they’re each quite brilliant.

2020 FA Cup Winner Odds

  • Arsenal – 12/1
  • Manchester United – 4/1
  • Chelsea – 9/2
  • Manchester City – 8/13

Just which of them will be worth taking advantage of UK gambling laws to back is then quite the decision. A quick look over at the bookies like Bet365 will, of course, give you a clue. Their EPL odds are usually quite reliable. After all, this is football not politics. Fortunately, for those still to choose how to bet on the FA Cup Final this year, the odds on the FA Cup winner are quite distinct. This makes it far easier for those unfamiliar with the game of football per se to participate.

How To Bet On The FA Cup Final
FA Cup Final in 2006 – Image source: John Lew / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

Discover How To Bet On The FA Cup Final At Bet365

Indeed the odds make it far clearer than a delve into history did. Arsenal it would seem, are without a chance. The bookies at Bet365 will you 12/1 for a bet on Arsenal to win the FA Cup. In a four horse race that’s pretty parsimonious. That said it has been quite a while since Arsenal kept their heads under pressure. What might surprise those working out how to bet on the FA Cup Final is that Manchester United only get 4/1. They’ve clung on by the skin-of-their-teeth at times.

FA Cup Final 2020

  • Date – August 1st 2020
  • Location – London
  • Venue – Wembley Stadium
  • Qualifying Teams – 123
  • Matches Played – 153

Chelsea, meanwhile, have been thriving of late and their prices reflect that. Online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 will give you 9/2. That’s not bad for a bet on Chelsea to win the FA Cup unless of course you notice the odds on Manchester City winning. They get 8/13. After their 6-0 drubbing of Watford last time, it’s easy to see why. They’ve barely put a foot wrong in a tricky season. So if you really want to know how to bet on the FA Cup Final in 2020, just back City.

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We take a look at how to bet on the FA Cup Final in 2020 if you’ve not yet made up your mind about which of the four giants will slay the other three.

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