Don’t Bet On The Spanish Grand Prix To Be As Good As Baku

Bet On The Spanish Grand Prix

The Spanish Grand Prix now nestles quietly on the Formula One calendar between the chaos of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and the utter futility of the Monaco Grand Prix. Like an oasis of normality and calm between the stormy waters of street circuit racing you can bet on the Spanish Grand Prix to be a run of the mill workmanlike affair at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, but as the circus pulls up to Montmelo just who is going to win this transient break between the bizarre and boring?

  • Can Lewis Hamilton overtake Sebastian Vettel?
  • Are the 8/1 odds on Valtteri Bottas entirely fair?
  • Could Max Verstappen beat the 9/1 odds and win?
  • Is this Kimi Raikkonen’s race for the taking?

It says everything about the unpredictability of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix that even when the best driver in the world wins it, we’re still all slightly surprised. For the second year in a row it produced some of the most entertaining racing and dramatic moments we’re likely to see all season and renders a bet on the Spanish Grand Prix almost relaxing by comparison. In of itself it’s a fine Grand Prix but compared with the preceding and following races it just isn’t going to be anywhere near as interesting.

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is a great track in its own way, but far more lends itself to bikes than cars and there’s a danger that the results will be more decided on the power placed at the disposal of the driver’s right foot than by their innate skill and that the teams with the bigger budgets will likely finish ahead of everyone else, which is a shame because it means that taking advantage of Spanish gambling laws to bet on the Spanish Grand Prix is a sadly rather dour affair, as the odds bear out.

Sandwiched Between The Bizarre And The Boring

On a circuit that lacks the sudden left turns with car-eating walls, the dodgy narrows that make passing impossible and which actually has some run off areas the big teams are salivating at consolidating their positions in the table. Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull will all be licking their chops whilst the likes of Force India, Williams, Mclaren and Haas will know they shouldn’t bet on the Spanish Grand Prix to be their chance to grab a place in the sun, nor that Spanish gambling news headlines will be of their win.

<p.that's why="" fernando="" alonso,="" a="" fine="" driver,="" gets="" just="" 250="" 1="" to="" win="" and="" sergio="" perez="" who="" got="" podium="" in="" baku="" is="" only="" given="" meager="" 1000="" chance="" of="" win.="" it'll="" be="" that="" sort="" race="" again,="" so="" kimi="" raikkonen="" ferrari="" max="" verstappen="" red="" bull="" share="" the="" 9="" spot="" with="" daniel="" ricciardo,="" valtteri="" bottas="" does="" better="" at="" 8="" because="" extra="" horsepower="" shoved="" out="" by="" his="" mercedes,="" frankly="" anything="" but="" an="" each="" way="" bet="" on="" spanish="" grand="" prix="" for="" all="" four="" them="" bizarre.

Bet On The Spanish Grand Prix This Weekend

You can bet on the Spanish Grand Prix to be a bit of a two horse race between Lewis Hamilton in a Mercedes and current F1 Championship leader Sebastian Vettel in his Ferrari as the pair of them have the power and skill to race rings around the rest, and indeed that’s why the Briton is getting 13/8 and the German just 6/4, it’s on the nose or nothing for these two, you can save that each way wager for another day. That said let’s remember it was in Spain the Mercedes crashed into each other in 2016.

Spanish GP Odds

  • Fernando Alonso – 250/1
  • Kimi Raikkonen – 9/1
  • Max Verstappen – 9/1
  • Daniel Ricciardo – 9/1
  • Valtteri Bottas – 8/1
  • Lewis Hamilton – 13/8
  • Sebastian Vettel – 6/4

Could the battling Vettel and Hamilton do the same? If so that gaggle of 9/1 shots becomes quite an attractive bet on sports in Spain and let’s remember the race after this is Monaco where unless it rains we’ll be treated no more competitive racing than if someone held a Grand Prix in Syria during an Israeli air raid, and Canada these days is a dull drive too, so the opportunity to bet on the Spanish Grand Prix may be the last chance at a proper wager till France. Azerbaijan sets a standard the rest can’t live up to.

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