“Do You Want to Play a Game?” – Remembering the Old School Casino Computer Virus


Posted: February 12, 2016

Updated: February 12, 2016

Luckily by now technology has grown out of the old-school DOS operating system, which was attacked by many dangerous viruses, including the infamous casino computer virus.

The casino computer virus was one of the most feared one back in the days. By now, the Maltese casino virus looks a bit ridiculous, but in the golden age of DOS operating system, it was the top casino virus, of which all online casinos and computer users were scared of.

Do you want to play a game? Even the movie “Saw” was inspired by the casino computer virus

The casino computer virus worked like this: it attacked the memory of your computer and then sent you a message, which was, as the message states, “a souvenir from Malta.” The virus casino de Malta deleted the file allocation table (FAT) but saved it on the RAM. After doing that, it sent you a message and forced you to play a game with him. Does the basic idea ring any bell? Maybe because you’ve seen the horror – thriller movie “Saw”, where the villain “wants to play a game.”

Of course the movie is a bit more brutal: there you play for your life, here you play for your file. Not the same. However, whoever created the casino computer virus, was fair enough to create a casino virus removal as well: it forced you to play a casino game. You had 5 shots, if you won, you won back your files. If you lost… then you didn’t. It’s actually a fair enough deal, most computer viruses are not that generous.

Go through the experience in a safe way

If you miss DOS OS and miss playing those old-school games, now you can find thousands of them thanks to passionate collectors of the “Internet Archive.” Moreover, you can even re-live the shocking experience caused by the casino computer virus among many other DOS viruses – in a completely safe environment. Sit back, calm down and enjoy travelling back in time, when mobile casino gambling was not possible, not even the wildest sci-fi movies.

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