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Posted: August 19, 2021

Updated: August 19, 2021

  • In many countries, dog racing is one of the most popular types of sports betting
  • Many sportsbooks also offer their clients the opportunity to make bets both on virtual dog races and on real ones
  • In this article, we will talk about dog race betting strategies

In many countries, dog racing is one of the most popular types of sports betting at online bookmakers. Many sportsbooks also offer their clients the opportunity to make bets both on virtual dog races and on real ones that take place in European countries. In this article, we will tell you how to place bets on dog races correctly, consider the varieties of these competitions, as well as the main types of dog race betting strategies.

The Rules of the Gog Racing

Dog racing betting can be lucrative entertainment. However, even the weather and the radius of the circle affect the result. Nevertheless, dog racing betting is fun that can be profitable. Wagers are accepted at racetracks in the UK, USA, and Australia, but you can also play in many other bookmakers. In this article, we will analyze the types of dog racing bets, how to make them and how to analyze them. Six hounds participate in the dog race, each of which is dressed in a different form to make it easier for the audience to follow her. All dogs run after a mechanical hare. Indeed, this is to give the dogs an incentive to run forward faster, catching up with him.

Thus, the first dog to reach the finish line wins the race. In such races, a photo finish is used, because all hounds arrive at the finish line within tenths of a second. Nowadays, dog racing is slowly becoming a popular betting market. This sport officially appeared in 1776 in London. However, some cave paintings indicate that our distant ancestors also liked to arrange peculiar dog races. The modern rules of dog racing are quite simple. The dog that crosses the finish line first is declared the winner. The second and third places are also winning. Each starting position is called a “trap”. Boxes are numbered starting from the inner edge of the track. Besides, they indicate each trap by its color. Check online sportsbooks in the UK for the current bets. 


Participants may choose to run in one of three ways: closer to the inner edge, in the middle of the track, and along the outer edge. Besides, the organizers try to take into account the preferences of each participant. If a dog, accustomed to running along the outer edge, is placed in a box next to the inner edge, then it will create discomfort for all other participants. After the start of the race, the hound will move towards its usual place, interfering with the advancement of the opponents.

Moreover, each race has a set of identifiers. The time of the race, class, place, and distance are indicated. The most popular class is the 380-520 meter races. This class is designated by the letter “A” and a number from 1 to 11. The lower the number, the stronger the participants in the race. The whole class “A” is usually divided into three subclasses: Top class (A1-A3); Middle class (A4-A6); Low class (A7-A11).

Dog racing bets can be very diverse. Indeed, you can simply predict the winner of the race, choose three participants who will take first place, or you can bet on the place of a particular dog. The capper has a lot of options. All in all, complex bets (several races or several dogs) allow you to seriously increase the odds and count on a solid win. Read more about Greyhound Racing and other dog race betting strategies in our article. 

Dog Race Varieties

The best bookmakers like Bet365 Sportsbook offer their players the opportunity to place bets on only real dog races, but also on virtual ones, which take place every 5 minutes. Real dog races first appeared in England. There they remain one of the most popular types of gambling entertainment to this day. The broadcasts of the hound races that you see in bookmakers are from England. Meanwhile, virtual hound races were invented not so long ago but quickly gained popularity. They run in seconds and run every five minutes, allowing you to place multiple bets and see your race results on your monitor screen.

In virtual dog races, no one is running. The whole process is nothing more than a simple visualization of the result calculated in advance by a computer. Sometimes there are cases when the computer repeatedly gives the same race, completely repeating its result. Observant players who spend a lot of time studying and memorizing statistics make good use of such situations, winning large sums of money.

The beauty of virtual dog races is that they often give odds of more than 200 for a particular hound to win. You might think that such a dog will never come running first to the finish line. However, this is not so. Outsiders very often resort to the finish line not only in the top three but also win the race.

Types of dog racing bets

Indeed, there is quite a wide variety of dog racing bets. Bookmakers offer their players to make the following types of bets:

  • On the winner: This is the simplest bet. Here you have to guess the number of the dog that crosses the finish line first.
  • Bet on the prize places: Your bet will win if the hound of your choice comes in from first to third place. Indeed, the bookmaker gives you different combinations of hound numbers that will take the first three places. You will need to choose one of them. And your bet will play only if they come to the finish line in the right order. It is worth saying that bookmakers give the highest odds for this bet, which in most cases exceed 30.
  • Bets on TOP-2: You win if the hound of your choice takes first or second place in the race.
  • On missing the top three: This type of bet is used in bets on the favorite of the race. You are invited to make a bet that the clear favorite of the race will not be among the winners. However, do not forget to check our dog race betting strategies before visiting online sportsbooks in the UK.

Dog race betting tips 

The human factor is minimized in dog racing bets. For example, like in horse racing, where a lot depends on the jockey. Before the greyhound gets into the box, it goes through a drug test. Indeed, to place a successful bet, you need to understand this sport. Beginners need to consider several factors to improve their chances of success:

  • Distance and class of races. The higher the race class, the higher the competition. Understand the specialization of race dogs. That is, how a particular dog performs at different distances.
  • Box number. Consider whether your favorite will run along the outer or inner circle. Indoor Run minimizes the collision factor with other runners. Some greyhounds, on the other hand, perform better in the outer circle.
  • The interval between races. This factor influences the optimal shape of the greyhound. If the dog is in the box with an interval of three runs, then it may not be able to show its best result. Although the trainer must understand when his greyhound is at its peak.

    Dog Race Betting Strategies
    Are you ready to hear betting tips for dog race? Picture Source: Flickr
  • Weather. Indeed, sunny weather increases the favorites’ chances, and when it rains, outsiders often take advantage of the favorite’s misfire.
  • Dog fatigue. Each dog in one day participates in several races at once, which take place with an interval of just a few minutes. If you know that the hound only ran a couple of runs back, then it is unlikely that it will be able to reach the distance.
  • Start number. Hounds get used to running on a specific part of the track and perform their best on specific track numbers. If you see that a clear favorite will start from an unusual box for him, then you can bet that he will not get into the TOP-3.

Dog race betting strategies

  1. First, bet on victory in the run of the favorite with odds in the range of 1.40-1.90 in ideal weather conditions.
  2. Second, play against the favorites of the race. For example, a bet of the type Lays, in bad weather according to the Martingale strategy.
  3. Besides, take an underdog on a fixed-income strategy if the favorite is in the second race in a row or if one has run more than five races in a day.
  4. Bet on the dogs running closer to the inner circle with the best speed in short-distance races.
  5. Check out the middle distance greyhound for victory if it does well in long-distance races.
  6. Take a bet on the fact that in dog races with obstacles the outsider will take the prize if one has previously competed in long-distance races.

To sum it up

The best strategy for betting on dog racing is considered to be “Betting on the loss of the favorite”. Its essence is to find a race in which the clear favorite is a hound who ran only 2 or 3 runs back and to bet that one will not even get into the prize-winners, i.e. will not take 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. Indeed, the odds for such an outcome will be more than 10. However, if you choose the right race, your chances of success will be higher than 50%. Thus, over the long haul, you can consistently make high profits. 

This tactic of betting on dog races has a fairly high share of risk and requires excellent knowledge not only of dogs but also of the schedule of their races. Nevertheless, its financial result will please you very much. Learn more about Grey Hound Racing Betting before visiting the Bet365 Sportsbook. And do not forget about applying our dog race betting strategies to increase your chances of winning. Good luck!

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