The Martingale Betting System for Online Lottery – The Art of Doubling


Posted: November 21, 2019

Updated: December 11, 2019

  • The martingale technique is a safe betting strategy from the 18th century
  • Your well-set wager system can earn you stable and continous income
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Let me introduce to you how the martingale betting system for online lottery works. You can wager on the first drawn number and several attributes of it. In this case, we are talking about the option that you can forecast, will the next numbers be odd or even. With this old but gold technique, you can expect a stable and continuous profit in the long-term.

The Martingale technique is a very popular roulette betting strategy when you only placing on red and black and doubling until you win.

It means, you always double the stakes after a lost bet. And if you win, you can go back for your starting stakes. If you follow this method and you have the necessary bankroll in the worst case you can get off the roulette table with a zero profit, but also with zero loss. Of course, to win considerable money with this tactic requires patience and well-chosen minimum and maximum limits.

How you can use the martingale betting system for online lottery

So, first of all, you don’t buy a lottery ticket, instead, you wager on the numbers at the online sportsbooks.

The Martingale betting system for online lottery works a bit differently than the casino version. It’s unnecessary to explain, the time delay between two lottery draws and two roulette rolls are not comparable. Also, the multiplier on the correct forecast about the first drawn number at bet365 is 1.83 if you bet on an odd number. It,s 1.90 if you bet on an even number.

That is because this type of wager is only available at online lottery sites in Ireland, which are drawing from 47 or 49 numbers (so the chance to draw an odd number is slightly higher). These odds are fixed at all online sportsbooks in Ireland.

This makes the whole system a bit more complex. However, basically, that just means that you don’t just double your stake. You double and also add an extra ten percent. So, if your starting stake is 100 and you lose, your next stake must be more than the double of the first, so 220.

This way, you will always win back the money you lost on previous bets.

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The heyday of the martingale betting strategy was in 18th century France Image source: Picryl

Afterward, every time you win, you just simply go back to your starting stakes. You can modify amounts any time but, be sure that even if you lose six times in a row, your bet won’t exceed the maximum limit or your bankroll.

Martingale technique also works with higher odds in long-term

There is another option to use the martingale betting system for online lottery. When you wager on that, all the numbers will be odd or even. In this case, you can count on way higher multipliers. This method also works properly, you just do the same mathematics, but with a different rate.

Every time you lose, you raise your stake with 3%-5%.

This is a long-term strategy but doesn’t afraid to use it if you are a frequenter at online gambling sites in Ireland. If you have the patience and put your bets following the martingale betting system for online lottery, sooner or unfortunately mostly later you can expect a neat profit. The odds at bet365 are 53.00, both for even or odd numbers. So just pick that all the numbers will be odd. If you lose, repeat and raise your bet with 3%. It can take a couple of months but in the end, you can only win. And after a victory, don’t forget the most important rule of responsible gambling.  Know when you have to get out, and always return to your starting stake. Otherwise, the whole system will collapse.

If you are not the patient type, just forgot it and only bet on the first drawn number.

At bet365 these are the online lottery sites that offer this option: 49s, Irish Lottery, German Lottery, and French Lottery.

Why people think this technique is a scam?

Because you can forge the most smart-ass strategy or do whatever, you will still do gambling. This strategy just reduces the financial damage you can suffer. However, it also keeps your balance above zero, even if everything goes wrong.

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