Donald Trump Twitter Predictions 2021


Posted: January 15, 2021

Updated: January 15, 2021

  • Major social networks have restricted access to Donald Trump's accounts.
  • We have decided to figure out whether the actions of technology companies are legitimate.
  • In this article, we will talk about Donald Trump Twitter predictions for this year.

Major social networks have restricted access to Donald Trump’s accounts. The reason was Trump’s unfounded statements about stealing votes from him in the presidential election and his call for supporters to go to the Capitol. Moreover, Twitter has blocked Trump’s account due to the risk of “incitement to violence.” According to the administration of the social network, his posts could spur riots, including on the day of Biden’s inauguration. In this article, we will talk about Donald Trump Twitter predictions 2021. Let’s get it started!

The social network Twitter has permanently blocked the account of the current US President Donald Trump. They state this in a message published on the official blog of the company. “After carefully checking the latest tweets sent from Donald Trump’s account and how they are perceived on Twitter and beyond, we have permanently blocked the account due to the risk of further incitement to violence,” said on Twitter. From that moment online sportsbooks in the USA are offering different odds connected to the current situation.

Why was Trump blocked from Twitter?

After the riots in the Capitol building, several popular social networks blocked the accounts of the current US President Donald Trump. Indeed, on January 9 Twitter permanently blocked the account of the current US President Donald Trump. According to the official explanation, after the riots staged by supporters of the president on January 6 in the Capitol building, the social network first blocked his account for 12 hours. At that time they demanded from Trump to remove three posts that violate community rules. However, after the expiration of this period, Trump posted two new tweets. According to Twitter, they “violated the social network’s policy of countering the glorification of violence.”

Indeed, it was Twitter that Trump used as the main platform for expressing his opinion. Almost 89 million users subscribed to his account. Besides, immediately after the temporary blocking on Twitter, at least until the end of Trump’s presidential term, his Facebook and Instagram accounts were blocked. As Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg explained on January 7, Trump intends to use his powers to thwart Biden, and “there are big risks if the president uses” the company’s services. Following this, Snapchat blocked Trump’s account as well as the streaming platform Twitch.

The Trump headquarters Twitter account was also blocked after they published a modified image of the platform logo. It was a red bird, which depicted a hammer and sickle. Accounts associated with the President of the United States have also disappeared from YouTube, voice and video messenger Discord, photo hosting Pinterest, and other sites. Besides, Google and Apple have removed the Parler social network from their app stores. Trump supporters intended to transfer their communication here. Therefore, online sportsbooks in the USA have started offering Donald Trump Twitter predictions 2021. Let’s see what will happen next!

Donald Trump Twitter predictions 2021
What will he do?

Donald Trump Twitter predictions 2021: Are social media activities legal?

We have decided to figure out whether the actions of technology companies are legitimate. Besides, we will look at the consequences they will lead to. Some lawyers agree that social media and tech companies have legal rights to block users. “The user – it doesn’t matter who we are talking about – the President of the United States, an activist of BLM or a housewife – at the time of starting to use the service, agrees with the user agreement. There they state all situations when this cooperation can finish, ” the expert said.

Since a social network is a service, it has no obligation to cooperate with absolutely any user for any of his behavior. According to the expert, blocking Twitter “with a high degree of probability did not violate” Trump’s constitutional right to free speech, as he was blocked for incitement to violence. Besides, section 230 of the Federal Communications Decency Act is in force in the United States. Therefore, tech companies can decide how to moderate content on their platforms. Indeed, this protects them from liability for what their users post.

Let’s recall that earlier Facebook and Instagram blocked the pages of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. The company blocked his accounts in 2017, explaining this by imposing US sanctions on him. Later, they restored Kadyrov’s Instagram account. However, after a short period, they blocked it again. Meanwhile, the Bet Online Sportsbook is offering Donald Trump special bets. If your predictions are right, you will earn real money in no time!

What are the consequences?

Twitter’s decision to permanently block Trump’s account led to the outrage of his supporters. “Suppressing self-expression is dangerous and not American style. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the political left has resorted to this. They have taken action to suppress opposing views for several years,” wrote US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. “We must not let them drown out the views of the 75 million Americans [who voted for Trump]. This is not the regime of the Chinese Communist Party, ” he added.

After the Trump incident, authorities in countries with developed technological infrastructure may try to more actively regulate companies in the Internet segment. Thus, not to be at the mercy of the leaders of American companies. Besides, some believe that Twitter’s decision will force more countries to think about the need for greater sovereignty of their Internet segment and technology platforms from American products. We will probably see how the authorities of different countries will begin to impose restrictions on social networks.

Donald Trump Twitter predictions 2021
Let’s bet on trump!

Although attempts to block resources such as Telegram by Iran and Russia show that now it is quite difficult to do this due to the use of, for example, VPN. According to the experts, the situation is likely to end up with representatives of different political camps having their platform. For example, critics of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will use Twitter. Meanwhile, his supporters will use the Turkish alternative, and so on. As a result, each group will live in its closed world. Nowadays, online sportsbooks offer Donald Trump Twitter predictions 2021 as well as to Bet On TikTok To Be Banned In The USA. Can it possibly happen? Let’s see!

Donald Trump Twitter predictions 2021: Can he be unblocked?

Lawyers say Trump may try to appeal to Twitter’s actions in court. However, according to the experts, the prospects for satisfying such a claim are extremely small. They cite the 1969 US Supreme Court ruling, which concluded that freedom of speech can be restricted if speech results in “unavoidable and illegal actions.” “Trump has repeatedly violated the rules of Twitter and therefore, perhaps, was blocked. In any case, this does not remove general questions to social networks, which should be as transparent and open as possible concerning processes related to the removal and blocking of content and accounts, ” said the source.

Some lawyers also do not see any signs of discrimination in the blocking of Trump supporters. Indeed, they didn’t ban not all conservative supporters. However, only those who incite hatred in their messages, provoke aggression, and otherwise violate the rules of social networks. In 2017, a New York court heard a lawsuit from a group of Twitter users who criticized Trump’s decisions and whom the president blocked. The court forbade the president to block users. In 2019, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit agreed with this decision, since these actions of the president violate the First Amendment.

It is possible to change user behavior concerning a particular platform due to a change in the degree of confidence in it, in its objectivity, in the information posted on it or disseminated by it. However, nothing more. It is unlikely that this will initiate new attempts to regulate. Let’s recall that Donald Trump made attempts to repeal section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, but they were unsuccessful. The Bet Online Sportsbook is also offering Odds On Donald Trump’s Re-Election. However, right now it seems unbelievable. Nevertheless, this word is unpredictable. Therefore, let’s bet and win!

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