Don’t Bet On US Politics In 2020 Getting Any Less Toxic

  • Trump & Biden Both Face Challenges
  • Bet On US Politics In 2020 At Bovada
  • Crisis Fatigue May Play Election Role
Bet On US Politics In 2020

President Trump and challenger Joe Biden face off across a far different landscape than either expected. The nation is in turmoil. The issues with law & order and the public health created a situation neither prepared for. The people are taking sides, and winning the centrists is getting more complex. You can no longer bet on US politics in 2020 remaining so reactionary. Someone will have to get out in front of these things. At online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada, you can bet on who it’ll be.

Were they honest, both candidates would prefer to run a campaign based on personalities and not issues. They might claim otherwise, but truth is that would be far easier for them both. Biden would mutter on about Trump’s personal conduct and judgment. Trump would call Biden names and lie about him. They’d love it. It would make for great TV too. Unfortunately, you can’t bet on US politics in 2020 following any normal pattern. US politics left normal behind a long time ago.

The public health crisis and the Black Lives Matter protests are forming a duopoly of issue. Nothing else quite seems to break through into the media. Both so important the news merely bounces between the two of them. Public opinion, however, does not. Those who regularly bet on sports in the US know how loyal team fans can be. Well, you can bet on US politics in 2020 to be just as tribal. The partisan division all but dictates which opinion you’ll hold on these major issues.

US Faces Public Health AND Law & Order Crises 

This leaves Trump and Biden with no room to maneuver. The situation has already staked out their territory for them. The odds on the democrats agreeing with White House health policy is the same as the odds on Republicans asking to defund the police. The battle lines are clear and obvious. You either think the President a hero or a villain and the same with Joe Biden. There is very little middle ground anymore. In light of that, any bet on US politics in 2020 is a tricky call.

US Presidential Election Odds

  • Bet On Donald Trump – 13/10
  • Bet On Joe Biden – 4/6

It might seem, at present, that Joe Biden has some lead, some advantage, over the President. Certainly the odds at online betting sites in the US like Bovada seem to indicate so. Perhaps you think the President has mishandled the public health crisis and has chosen the wrong side in the BLM struggle. But with four months to go, that could change in an instant. There are pitfalls galore in this brave new world. Never has US politics seemed so like men in clown shoes tap dancing in a minefield.

Bet On US Politics In 2020
These are difficult times for the US

Bet On US Politics In 2020 At Bovada 

The President can’t bluster his way through a death toll exceeding 130,000 but nor can Joe be seen to take advantage of it. Biden can’t call for the police to be defunded and the President can’t order demonstrators to be shot. There is just no winning with these topics. That’s why each of the candidates would prefer a conversation about the personality of their opponent. It’s simply safer. By now, however, I doubt either one would put a bet on US politics in 2020 giving them the chance. 

Approval – July 2020

  • Donald Trump 
  • Approve 40.6%
  • Disapprove – 55.9%

Those in the US gambling laws of decency will still apply in a couple of months should think again. The double-headed crisis has made this election seem more like a crossroads than it did before. There are riots on the streets and people dying in their thousands. It tends to focus the mind of even the most jaded and cynical voter. This means turnout should be high, and in turn that Joe Biden might just snaffle this one. So if you’re going to bet on US politics in 2020 back him to win. Just don’t expect him to do it cleanly.

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We take a look at why you can bet on US politics in 2020 to get more not less toxic as we close in on that November polling day.

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