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Posted: March 13, 2023

Updated: March 13, 2023

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This is our easy-to-understand DOTA 2 EPL odds guide. We will show you the most relevant odds and we will teach you how to place bets. Even if you are late from the odds, you can always check the guide at the bottom to learn how to stay up to date with the latest Dota 2 odds every day. We are going to give you our predictions and a general update about the current state of this European Dota 2 professional tournament.

In this article, I am going to talk about the Dota 2 EPL Odds. Because you can already wager at the online sportsbook sites in the Philippines. However, this article will give you a quick introduction and a betting guide as well. Because this is one of the most important moments in the life of professional EU players. The Dota 2 pro league is not dominated by Europeans. However, this is the only time when they get to compete against each other at their own pace.

This means that from now on we will see one of the biggest EU competitions. Make sure to follow the official live stream of the match. Furthermore, you can always return to your sportsbook to check the updated odds. Because with each match the odds will change. And of course, once they announce the new matchups, we will have betting market updates too.

Introducing The Dota 2 EPL Odds

Let’s start this article by introducing you to the whole event. According to Liquipedia, the EPL is short for ‘European Pro League’. The first placement of the match will receive $10,000 from the total $20,000 prize pool. This is one of the biggest upcoming esports events in the life of European Dota 2 players. Because this is the only chance to proceed to more serious international competitions.

This year the broadcasters are going to be the beloved József Gézárt, Igor Kourstak, and Johannes Heinrich. One team has already been eliminated from the competition. Which means that we are nearing the end right now. Only four matches left, and you can bet on the upcoming three. Furthermore, soon the final betting will be available at Ivibet Sportsbook

The Participating Teams

According to Gosu Gamers, all other events with the same prestige give the same monetary reward. However, I think what is worth more for the teams than the money is the prestige. Because winning this event will open the gates for the next level of professional competition.

This means they are going to get a chance to be sponsored by the most valuable local sponsors. Nonetheless, it is undeniable that the current participants are the best esport players in Europe right now. These guys will show up at the DOTA 2 EPL odds shortly. Unless we marked them as disqualified. The following teams are in this competition:

  • Late Night Show
  • Rune Eaters
  • Majori Edut na Minor
  • HF
  • Mega Creeps Gaming
  • Sigma
  • HJK (Disqualified)
  • Ancient Tribe
  • Team Sexy
  • YNT

Dota 2 EPL Odds

Finally, it’s time to talk about the actual odds. In this article, we are going to highlight the best odds available. Therefore, these are outright odds.

However, if you are a fan who wants to see more opportunities. Then all you need to do is to head over to the site and click on the betting market. Because it will expand with fine details.

Betting on kills, winners, rounds, handicaps, and points is available. However, we want to focus on the outright odds right now. We can see that it is a funny coincidence that Team Sexy is going to face off against Team Mega Creeps. Furthermore, Dreamers will fight the current champion Lava. Because Lava is the most powerful team in Europe.

  • Dreamers Esport 2.79 VS Lava 1.37
  • Team Sexy 1.49 VS Team Mega Creeps Gaming 2.46
  • Ravens 2.14 VS Mad Kings 1.6

Our Dota 2 EU Predictions For 2023

Now that you know a little more about the Dota 2 EPL odds. I want to share my own opinions about the whole event. According to Dota 2, the leaderboard leading team is Nemiga. Yet it seems that performance has been outsourced by other teams. Because it means that the game performance is likely irrelevant when they are facing off against other giants.

This is why we believe that no matter how much a new team shows, Lava is still going to stay the king of the EU. This means that we have put them to win against Dreamers Esport. Furthermore, Team Sexy will probably sweep the floor with Mega Creps. Then of course we have the Mad King’s defeating the ravens. Finally, I think that the first placement will be Lava and the second Team Sexy.

Where To Bet On The Dota 2 EPL Odds?

Finally, we have reached the bottom of our article. This means it’s time for me to give you our quick betting guide so you won’t miss out on the biggest European DOTA event. First, if Dota is not your style, please check out our article dedicated to teaching how to pick the best esports. Because you can bet on multiple esports on the website. In conclusion, you need to take the following steps to enter the world of online sports betting and eSports markets:

  1.  Register or log in at Ivibet Sportsbook
  2. Make sure to confirm your registration via email and phone
  3. Once you are done, please navigate to the sports section
  4. Finally, you will see the left bar of markets. Look for Dota 2’s logo and click.
  5. Once you are there, you can click on the odds to update your betting slip. However, clicking the market will expand props.
  6. Once you are satisfied with your picks, purchase your betting slip.

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