Drake Enters The History Books Losing $17 Million In 10 Minutes


Posted: May 17, 2023

Updated: May 17, 2023

Getting into the history books by losing as big as Drake is gonna hurt. The pop star managed to lose a staggering $17 million over the course of just 10 minutes. Unsurprisingly, many people question how he can afford such losses when his net worth is around $200 million. With his manic playing style of placing monster bets, he appears to forget that the house edge favours the casino, not him. So though he has made spectacular wins, at the end of the day, the casino always comes out on top.

Drake the Canadian rap superstar managed to get himself into gambling history. He managed to lose a staggering $17 million in just 10 minutes. Aubrey Drake Graham was taking part in the second sponsored roulette stream on Twitch with the gaming company Stake. During the stream, Drake gave away $1 million to lucky viewers in Brazil, England, Canada, and other countries around the world. With his partner company Stake, they made personalized video calls as they gave the money away. According to Stake, Drake will be back and host future events on Twitter.

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Drake’s Premature Celebrations

The night started very well for Drake. The chart-topping singer saw winnings of $12.9 6 million and $11.95 million come in quick succession. He then bought in his fellow rapper, French Montana to help celebrate. “You know what that deserves?” Drake joyfully said to the camera. “And I got my special guest in the building, take a seat.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with my brother, my twin, my lookalike, Montana.” Unfortunately, his luck would soon abandon him. He ended up finishing tonight with just $1,879. In truth, he might have had better odds playing at Ignition Casino. One thing is that when it comes to online casinos in the US, Stake is banned, but Bodog Casino is not.

The House Always Wins

There was a moment during the night when Drake managed to reach an account balance of $27.2 million. This represented a 3.2 x the amount that he began the night with. Nevertheless, finishing the night with only $1,879 in the account is pretty brutal. In spite of the upbeat stream, the night ended on a somber note. Quite the opposite of Ashley Revell.

Drake Gambling On Twitch

Earlier in the year, the gambling stream giant Trainwreck managed to win $3.75 million with his lucky numbers on 2 spins of the roulette wheel. Now Drake’s massive wins and losses put him into uncharted territory.

Picture Source: Flickr

Thanks to his massive wins, viewers have flocked to the Drake/Stake sponsored streams. This isn’t surprising as the viewers have been rewarded with $1 million. Drake might have been better off rewarding this to himself as he is now down $28.5 million.

Slots Are The 12th-Most-Watched Category On Twitch

Along with the popularity of Twitch, we have seen game streaming become incredibly popular. This is in part due to the influence of big stars. Looking through Twitch’s own data from July 5th – 11th, we can see that “slots” were the most watched category. In fact, they are more popular than the video games Warzone, Dead by Daylight, and Call of Duty.

With Stake now being involved in Twitch streams, especially after that teaming up with a popular influencer, then we can expect to see the figures grow exponentially. Back in May, Drake managed to bag $17.9 million with a single spin on the blackjack wheel. 

Hard To Know What’s Real

We should add that there has been much talk about whether Drake is betting with his own money. Many have said that the betting stakes are provided by Stake itself. Though there is no proof of this, it would certainly make sense. This would encourage hesitant social media influencers to come on board. It’s also unknown how much Stake is paying these big stars to bet.

But one thing is for sure, it certainly encourages people to bet at online casino sites in the US, which include our favorite, Ignition Casino. The biggest downside we can see is that many of the people watching Twitch are under 18 years of age. 

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