Drastic fines for illegal online gaming in the Netherlands

Illegal online operators Dutch

The process of legalization of the online gambling in the Netherlands starts with prescribing high fines for illegal online gaming in the country  

Bigger fines for gaming online illegally in the Netherlands is what the authorized regulatory body in the country, the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), has announced yesterday. The maximal fine that an unlicensed online operator accepting Dutch players can nowadays get is EUR 150.000. If the new announcements become true, this amount is going to drastically rise to an incredible maximum of EUR 820.000, gambling news report.

Measures that had to be taken?

Many experts in the gaming jurisdiction field interpreted this measure as a step that had to be taken in the process of legalization of online gaming in the Netherlands. After the lower house of the Dutch parliament issued a law, past July, which legalized online gaming, a legal protection was necessary in the process . And what else can be suitable for this purpose, than a high retribution?

This measure however seems a bit excessive to many actors in the online gaming sector in the Netherlands. According to online gambling sites in the Netherlands, many of them have already stated their dissatisfaction with some articles of the law which put limitations on the lotteries and the land-based operators. As JasparHoekert, co-founder of Revenue Engineers, a full-service gaming consultancy based in the Netherlands, the law is a great step forward but is far from ideal. This drastic retrubitve measure, it seems is taking it even further.

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